Fugawi imap topo software application for iphone

Fugawi iMap brings topo maps for your iPhone or iPad. It is always good

for hikers, boaters, anglers, educators, or anybody sounding-road

and in to the back country.


Important Notice: Take note that X-Traverse USGS Topo Maps are presently lower. Software which have been affected are Fugawi Global Navigator, Fugawi Marine ENC, Fugawi iMap (all versions), and PathAway. Our Web Service team are resolving this problem as quickly as they are able to. Appreciate your persistence. – Fugawi X-Traverse Team, The month of january 15, 2014.


Version 4..00: Fugawi iMap now supports routes.


    • Exactly what is a route? A route is a number of connected waypoints.


    • Creating and Modifying Routes Build routes with the addition of waypoints to empty routes. Routes could be modified directly into the spotlight by choosing the routepoint, then dragging it towards the preferred location into the spotlight. Alter the order of route points using the Waypoints View within the Route Info panel.


    • Navigating Routes Navigate a route by selecting an energetic Route in the Locations menu. Once navigating, the next information is going to be displayed: Bearing to next waypoint, Distance to next waypoint, Time for you to next waypoint, Mix Track Error, Total Distance to visit, ETA to finish of route.


    • Saving Routes Routes could be saved back and forth from the X-Traverse cloud service in KML, KMZ, or GPX formats.



Version 3.2.00 adds tracks,

screen rotation and iOS4 support.


  • USAand Canada Incorporated

    of USA Topo Maps from U.S. Geological Survey incorporated.

    All NRCan topo maps (CANMATRIX) for Canadian provinces incorporated.

  • iPhoneand iPad support
    Supports iPhone or iPad (iOS 3

    or the new ios 4)

  • SeeYour Situation
    Visit your position easily into the spotlight. View your situation in Lat/Lengthy

    or UTM, visit your speed and heading, instantly center map on

    your situation.

  • SeamlessMaps
    Seamlessly loads raster topographic maps through the iPhone internet

    connection and caches them in memory to be used when outdoors and

    not in 3G, EDGE or Wireless coverage. Pre-download

    all scales surrounding your market.

  • SatellitePhoto Maps
    Swap between topo map and Satellite Maps view having a single tap.

    Use all over the world with satellite maps. Create, view and

    edit tracks, waypoints and photo waypoints on either the incorporated

    topo map or Satellite Satellite maps. Choose from street map,

    satellite map or hybrid (street + satellite) view.

    Fugawi iMap App for iPhone


    between topo view and Satellite view with one tap!


  • Easiest Waypoint EditorEver!
    Tap and hold on screen to decrease waypoints which can be custom

    edited by name, icon, exact co-ordinates, and text description.

    Easily move waypoints having a simple tap and drag.

  • FastPhoto Waypoints…
    Tap to produce a photo while using iPhone camera or select a picture

    in the photo library, upload to Facebook using the connected

    track with one tap.

  • TrackRecording…
    Control the road type of each track and concealOrdisplay tracks and

    send tracks for your X-Traverse account or upload to Facebook with

    one tap.

  • X-TraverseFacebook Application…


    Send any track, waypoint or photo waypoint for your Facebook account.

    The track or waypoint and connected photos can look inside your

    Facebook account with an interactive map to see your buddies.

    Requires installing of the disposable X-Traverse

    Facebook Application.

  • Online For FreeTrack and Waypoint Storage, Transfer and Backup

    Tracks and waypointscould be transferred straight to your free account at www.X-Traverse.com

    that is incorporated together with your acquisition of Fugawi iMap.You are able to move

    your tracks and waypoints as GPX files with other software

    products including Google Earth, or create waypoints in

    a 3rd party software for upload to iMap. To setup your bank account,

    launch iMap and choose SettingsX-Traverse AccountCreate

    X-Traverse Account.

  • Transfer Tracks and Waypointsbetween Fugawi for PC and Fugawi iMap for iPhone

    Global Navigator or

    Fugawi Marine ENC (optional PC software) enables you to plot

    tracks and waypoints for transfer for your Fugawi iMap Application for

    iPhone, or the other way around. On top of that, Fugawi

    Global Navigator and Fugawi

    Marine ENC now incorporate a free subscription to topo maps of

    Canada or even the U . s . States, so that you can plot waypoints in your

    PC utilizing the same maps utilized on your iPhone.

  • Locationin Lat/Lengthy

    or UTM
    Pinpoint your present location, proven in latitude / longitude

    or UTM, by having an easily visible position marker.

  • MapPans while you Move
    Seamless map moves while you move.
  • ZoomIn / Out

    in or from the entire available national map collection for

    the united states or Canada.

  • Download All Scales

    Download all maps whatsoever scales within 1, five or ten km (or miles)

    from the screen center. Downloaded maps are stored on a car-managed

    memory within the iPhone for fast retrieval on subsequent views or

    to be used when outdoors of 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi internet coverage.

  • MapDetails
    See details for example scale, elevation contours, water physiques, major

    roads, railways, bridges, urban land use, and much more.



  • Allof USA Topo Maps from U.S. Geological Survey incorporated.
  • All NRCan topo maps (CANMATRIX)for Canadian Provinces incorporated.
  • Import and export waypoints asindustry standard GPX files while using

    Fugawi X-Traverse server (account incorporated with Application purchase).

    Make use of the GPX files on your pc with any software (for example

    Fugawi Global

    Navigator) which could import GPX data. Most iPhone Apps do

    not have access to this very useful feature.

  • Topographic maps are deliveredfrom Fugawi X-Traverse through the iPhone web connection which

    then caches them in your area around the device to be used when outdoors and

    not in 3G, Edge or Wireless coverage.

  • The iPhone location servicesare enabled for auto-choice of the map suitable for your

    location, displaying where you are in tangible-time having a easily

    visible marker. Place elevation and direction of travel will also be

    displayed when these location services are for sale to your iPhone

    model (e.g. iPhone 3G or 3GS).

  • The interface follows guidelinesfor iPhone software: intuitive, easy to use, web connected.
  • ipod device touchusers: Fugawi iMap continues to be tested as suitable for the DualĀ®

    Gps navigation Navigation

    & Battery Cradle

  • Supportsscreen rotation on iPhone and iPad.
  • Supports multi-tasking of iOS4 and 5.



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