Free haitian creole language-learning application for iphone and ipod device touch

Free haitian creole language-learning application for iphone and ipod device touch short time span

Byki Haitian Creole for iPhone currently available and totally free around the iTunes Application Store

Nashua, N.H., The month of january 15, 2010 – Meant for the disaster relief efforts now happening in Haiti, Transparent Language Corporation. has pressed a totally free Haitian Creole form of Byki for iPhone towards the Apple Application store. Developed and released in a short time span, Byki Haitian Creole for iPhone has become available at no cost in the iTunes Application Store to the iPhone or ipod device Touch owner. Byki Haitian Creole for iPhone offers users a quick and efficient method to learn over 1,000 Haitian Creole phrases and words which are required for everyday communication. The gathering includes the ten Ramp Up lists from the 100 most helpful phrases and words in addition to a group of Medical Emergency terminology produced by Voxtec Worldwide.

"Time is of critical importance," states Michael Quinlan, Chief executive officer of Transparent Language. "We’re happy to release this Haitian Creole learning Application for iPhone users so rapidly. Also, hopefully it will help this Application is free of charge, while our Byki Apps are often Compensated Apps."

Byki for iPhone Haitian Creole lets users rapidly learn the most crucial phrases and words from the language, including native speaker pronunciation. Also, Byki for iPhone’s searchable Phrasebook feature ought to be of particular value to the iPhone or ipod device Touch users deploying within the relief effort. It enables users to look in British or perhaps in Haitian Creole to rapidly find meanings for phrases and words.

Concerning the Byki System

Byki formerly "Before Very LongInch, is really a 3-Step, rapid learning system employing spaced interval repetition. Experts agree the answer to learning, especially in a beginning level, would be to first develop a strong lexical foundation – a ready way to obtain phrases and words locked into a person’s working memory. Byki may be the fastest, most direct road to that goal. Byki takes users through three simple learning steps to commit to memory phrases and words inside a new language, including their meanings, representation, and proper pronunciation, within the least amount of time. Huge numbers of people all over the world already use Byki, which presently is available in greater than 70 languages. Download a totally free form of Byki.

Free haitian creole language-learning application for iphone and ipod device touch well as in the study

About Transparent Language, Corporation.

At Transparent Language, we leverage our knowledge of technology as well as in the study and exercise of learning and teaching to construct unique abilities to be used by Government agencies and organizations, in addition to countless public libraries, a large number of schools, and countless individuals. We love them about all languages, no matter commercial value. We feel that language technology needs to get results for all courses and curricula, not only a couple of courses. It must benefit not just individuals, but entire programs. We feel exceptional language technology not just changes the consumer go through it transforms the financial aspects, logistics, and longevity of learning.

Free haitian creole language-learning application for iphone and ipod device touch users through

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