Iphone medical application saved filmmaker’s existence in haiti earthquake


Iphone or ipod device touch can help to save lives, with the proper application. U.S. filmmaker Dan Woolley was shooing a documentary concerning the Haiti poverty once the major earthquake struck. He was hurt and trapped for 65 hrs, but he could perform first-help to treat his wounds, using instructions from your iPhone Application.

iPhone Medical App Saved Filmmaker Life in Haiti Earthquake

Within the recent Haiti earthquake, Dan Woolley was hurt by falling boulders from his hotel. He endured a bleeding mind wound along with a fractured leg.

Trapped without any medical help, he switched to his iPhone.

Using Pocket First-aid & CPR [iTunes link], he could stabilize his injuries. Together with his iPhone application, he researched strategy to excessive bleeding, compound fracture and the way to identify shock. Following a App’s advice, to avoid entering shock, he set his iPhone’s noisy alarms to visit off every twenty minutes.

Apple iPhone App Helps save filmmaker life

Dan’s iPhone helped him survive natural disaster by turning the iPhone owner into a novice medic.

He was saved 65 hrs later without major complications from his injuries. Dan Woolley includes a @mac.com address, so appears like he’s had a Mac too. Sensible choice using the Mac and also the iPhone!

Pocket First-aid & CPR Apple Store Application [iTunes link]

via iPhone helps Haiti victim treat wounds, survive in boulders [macnn]


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