Jetlag iphone travel application promises relief and rejuvenation

Jetlag iphone travel application promises relief and rejuvenation than standard printed fares

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My Strange Trip to Europe w/ TimTom


Name Name: "I was flying Delta, so I wasn't scared of being beat up and kicked off"\n\nLOL

Cameron H: Name Name I

Jennifer Smith: Jaiden your SOOOOOOOO beautiful

Diore Jones-Taylor: Jennifer Smith i know right

Digital Parallel: *you're

ChillyWilly: It probably blew a fuse because it was a european outlet. The way electricity is managed in most of the world is actually slightly different from the way it is in the USA.This is because USA outlets run at 110v and european ones operate at 220v. I assume you bought the rice cooker in america. So plugging an american rice cooker into a european outlet could possible cause the power to go out. You could remedy this problem with a transformer or by getting a plug that can switch from the the type of electricity used in america, and the one used pretty much everywhere else. (aka 110v to 220v) Now I'm no electrician but I have heard of this before, so if anyone knows that I'm wrong feel free to correct me. However, that is my best guess of what happened with the rice cooker.

ChillyWilly: Really, didn't know that. Thanks.

Ya boy Bernd: I am Dutch xD\n\n\n\nAnd I understand all of it ;D

Yahia Saoud: ok that's a tachy thing to say

Amanda Chang: van sniderdoff zout alshfaas asodlef slao te na altinas jiln yonferhtdaaw\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n(I actually just smashed my hands on the keyboard, I'm an American born Chinese ;)

Emerald Kittii: Me when I get children\nChild: Hey mommy are you okay with who I wanna be?\nMe: Of course I'll be okay with it!\nChild: What if I become a thief?\nMe: Honey, I don't think you would even have the guts to steal a butter knife.

Quinn Hunter: Mom of the year award goes to…

Valged ja Vallatud: Emerald Kittii i

Bovine Intervention: >dizzy\n>tired\n>brain doesn't work\n>everything is hilarious\n>super hungry\nSo jet lag is basically like being super stoned?

Randy Masiglat: Bovine Intervention lol so butiful you're so butifulllllll

Ezzy Peezy: Did you meet miraculous ladybug while you were in Paris?

Lily Ngo: Ezzy Peezy I FOUND MY ARMYY.

Lucas the Fox: I am dutch

Limey: Omg jaiden did a face revival!!!!!

Angle Da Angle: No ricecookers were harmed in the making of this video.