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Patently Apple started covering a string of class action lawsuit lawsuits filed against Apple concerning the issue of "Touch Disease" in late August. Another two reports (1 and 2) were published in October covering new court proceedings. For individuals unfamiliar with the "Touch Disease" issue we are presenting you using the original video from iFixit below. The organization iPad Rehab introduced the issue to light brought by Jessa Johnson who explains the issue in-depth. 


So far Apple declined to deal with the problem openly. Apple has printed a brand new web site entitled "Multi-Touch Repair Program for iPhone 6 Plus." The brand new page notes that "Apple has determined that some iPhone 6 Plus devices may exhibit display flickering or Multi-Touch issues after being dropped multiple occasions on the hard surface after which incurring further force on the unit.


In case your iPhone 6 Plus is exhibiting the signs and symptoms noted above, is functional, and also the screen isn’t cracked or damaged, Apple will repair your device for any service cost of $149.


Apple will contact customers and also require compensated for any service repair associated with this problem through either Apple or perhaps an Apple Approved Company to set up reimbursement. If you haven’t been contacted but compensated for any repair that you simply believe was associated with this problem, please contact Apple.


The reimbursement amount will equal the main difference between your cost you compensated for that original plan to your iPhone 6 Plus and also the $149 service cost."


If the lawyers handling the class action lawsuit lawsuits will discover this solution sufficient enough is decided later on.


Within the problem, it had been just a little disturbing to listen to iFixit specialist Jessa Johnson let you know that Apple banned her in the Apple Support Online Community three occasions for discussing details about this ongoing issue. Johnson further says her reports and feedback published about this forum relating to this issue were also being systematically taken off Forums.


While I am certain some repair houses attempt to drum up business around the Apple Support Online Community with false problems, it’s equally obvious that Jessa Johnson is really a straight shooter and individuals manipulating the Forum should allow professionals with experience about iPhones problems to a minimum of present their situation towards the community.


Lastly, Apple helps make the declare that the issue is from "being dropped multiple occasions on the hard surface after which incurring further force on the unit.Inch Jessa Johnson organized distinct changes that Apple made when making the iPhone 6 Plus and also the compromises appeared to lead to this issue. The "bendgate" issue that Apple overlooked also apparently performed a job in allowing the display problems within the iPhone 6 Plus and it is why Apple altered the standard of the aluminum within their next-gen iPhone 6s Plus.  So while Apple is sort of blaming customers from frequently shedding their iPhone 6 Plus on the hard surface, Johnson constitutes a more believable situation.


Within the finish this might have to be fought against in court if Apple will stay with their theory from the problem so they could charge customers for that repair instead of absorb full costs. If the issue is large enough, this will probably be a larger headache for Apple. The truth that it’d to visit such extremes to obtain Apple to just about except responsibility with this concern is something I’d expect from Samsung, not Apple.


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Apple offers a fix for iPhone 6+ Touch Disease and blames YOU!


OrangeKnight Studios: Why we have to pay APPLE!!!

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ameer ameer: Well at least for me\nI learn a lot from u 

Scott Currence: I had a first day iPhone 4 and it was the biggest rushed out phone I've ever owned. It had proximity problems, antenna gate issues, lost data that would miraculously reappear weeks later. And Apple acted like I was the only one having issues. And it was my fault. I've been android ever since and have had great issue resolvement from Samsung and Motorola if an issue came up. My family has owned every Apple device from the 3g to the 6s. But I can't get the taste out of my mouth from that iPhone 4 and the blame game that they put on me.

STS Telecom: I know what you mean. This glitch is so easy to trigger that Apple must have seen this right off of the assembly line and had to send a certain percentage back around for rework.

Randy Hammon: Had mine for 1-1.2 years and last week started exhibiting symptoms. 🙁 Is it better/faster to take it to an authorized repair person or take to Apple Store? thanks!

Rich R: join the class action lawsuit. Make apple pony up and pay….\n\n

Leon Wang: this is why i have never paid for an apple product. i was given a apple imac but it have yellow stain on the screen. I have never had yellow stain on any of my pc before. will never buy an apple product.

Astro: Just open the phone up, remove the logic board, and place some electric tape on the touch sensor,

yonyunior: fucken apple, like they dont have the money to just fix it for free, like they fucken should since its a defect

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alberto hernandez: This should be free, u telling me this shit thts going on in the phone it's my fault. Fuck tht. It's ur freaking factory workers and the creators tht fucked up on this. So it should be free

Andrew C: Why has this issue just came about?

Makrinus: They ignored iphone 6, same way they ignored it with battery suddenly dying issue, fucking scum now i have to pay to fix the battery

joelyboyblue: Do you have any advice for someone thinking about getting into this? If I was just replacing screens it wouldn't bother me.

Brenden Barta: when i never drop mine and i have a fat ass otter box on mine……hmmmmm

grumpyjuicetrucking: I sent you my phone for repair and it seems to be doing it again. What should I do?

STS Telecom: Bummer! I'm very sorry to hear that. It would be best to contact us at the shop or submit a ticket on our website. You can choose "warranty" for the request type.

Just Relax: The kindness repair guy I saw on internet! 🙂 I am thinking lately to close my computer repair shop, It's not worth working in that field, and open a small cellphone repair shop, I have zero experience in mobiles, a guy told me that about 70-80% about changing screen and buttons or rooting the OS, I have experience repairing computer motherboards only, I am scared! I don't want to find myself sending all mobiles to other repair shop! Hmm what do you think about that?