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Since launching Sugru in 2009, countless Apple fans will be in touch to talk about their tips about how to perfect their gadgets. It appears surprising when iPhones, iMacs and iPads are top of the line consumer tech which have altered the way you live. But like every mass-created product, they have drawbacks – cracked screens, frayed chargers, finicky plugs, and little room for DIY repairs.

Happily, Sugru can help you save a visit to the Genius bar by providing the capacity to redesign and connect your Apple package, because these examples in the sugru community show…

Perfect your tech

1. Make bouncy bumpers for the iPhone!

This can be a classic utilization of Sugru – so we&aposve seen many iterations around the fundamental idea! Steer clear of the glass screen of the iPhone getting scratched, chipped and cracked using these super simple sugru bumpers

You may also combine Sugru colours to locate only the colour you would like.

2. Replace your Macbook Pro&aposs missing rubber ft *

Individuals little black dots have a tendency to fall off before long prevent costly Macbook motor burnout because they build Sugru versions that permit air to flow.

3. Place your imac desktop&aposs fiddly USB ports within achieve

imac desktop USB ports are hidden from sight…and achieve. Here&aposs how Sugru user Aron reduced the problem.

My imac desktop&aposs inside a setup where it&aposs extremely difficult to appear behind it to gain access to the ports when I have to plug something in these types of it&aposs slightly unusual placement it&aposs not so simple to rotate either. And So I attempted something by helping cover their my first pack of Sugru to include &aposbraille&apos coded bumps within the ports in order to tell that is which purely by touch.

Or you might skip the &apospin the cable towards the port&apos step entirely, by putting two small magnets along with a USB extension result in use!

4. Fix Macbook cracks

That old Macbook design has organized well you may still find plenty in circulation regardless of the line being stopped in This summer 2011. Naturally, deterioration comes with an effect on the white-colored polycarbonate casing, but there’s an answer. Matt in Manchester sums up: Old cracked Mac. Sugru. Win! I love the very fact the orange Sugru highlights the look fault. Most satisfying.

5. Hang your iPad anywhere you want

This mount holds your ipad in position in your kitchen wall or cupboard although you search through recipes or watch movies online although cooking. We&aposve seen this project done more than a bathtub too – nice!

Or, for those who have an unloved lampstand, utilize it to create an incredible DIY iPad are a symbol of sleep

6. Fix iPhone 3G volume buttons

This issue crops up a good bit with this particular model – solve it like Brock, who used two screws along with a little Sugru to recreate the buttons themself.

Straighten out your Apple accessories

7. Repair, safeguard and evolve individuals cables

Damaged cables happen, but you can preserve your Any fruit juice flowing and steer clear of chucking fraying wires into landfill by fixing them track of Sugru. When the wire cores aren’t broken or uncovered and also the cable is still effective, then Sugru can deal with it! It can make cable repairs very simple since it&aposs strong, flexible and electrically insulating ­čÖé

And why hold on there? Prevention is preferable to cure, and you may make the possible lack of a typical-issue strain relief into an chance for masterdom!

Be Mindful: Be cautious with electricity. To make sure there’s no recourse of electrocution, stay with low current products for example phone and laptop cables (maximum 24V). To prevent heat build-up from short circuits or broken wires, don’t repair cables in which the metal is uncovered or even the cable has already been working occasionally. We don&apost recommend it for DIY electrical focus on products with greater current.

8. Improve the style of the Apple keyboard

Whenever I desired to alter the batteries on my small Apple keyboard it had been the right fiddle – you’ll need either strong nails or perhaps a gold coin to hands! I am inclined to have neither. And So I stuck just a little white-colored Sugru around the battery chamber&aposs screw cover to produce a simple-turn knob – problem solved ­čÖé

9. Make plugs simpler to get rid of

Apple plugs could be challenging take out. The answer is fairly stylish: just Sugru a doorknob towards the back and also you&aposve got an immediate handle about this design niggle. It&aposs additionally a popular use for those who have limited hands mobility.

10. Adapt older chargers that no more fit current models

All credit to Sugru-er Maarten for thinking about that one. He developed the super clever concept of attaching his magsafe2 adapter to some magsafe1 cable.

11. Make an in-vehicle phone mount hold an encased iPhone

A good idea shown here by Quentin in Cambridge!

12. Enhance the fit of Apple earbuds

Ears are available in unique shapes and earbuds could be pretty uncomfortable when there&aposs no surrender the look. Prevent them from receding or digging in by customising them after some Sugru.

13. Create a plug hub for the Macbook

Laptops should be portable, but detaching all of your cables every time you leave the office means more fiddling about whenever you go back to plug them in. Here&aposs an excellent smart means to fix this from Johan, who produced a Sugru USB hub for those his desk cables. Problem solved!

14. Get creative with Sugru + LEGO

Whenever you combine just a little Lego and Sugru you&aposll begin to see the world with new eyes – everything turns into a foundation!

Like causeing this to be USB desk tidy for the cables. It&aposs an excellent easy project – ideal for any Sugru you’ve leftover using their company Apple hacks ­čÖé

What exactly are your creative Apple workarounds? Email your tips + pics to [email┬áprotected] and you can win a prize…

Resourse: https://sugru.com/tech-gadget/

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