10 apps to unwind your mind and body


By Linda Bernstein

I have to relax. And thus, my fellow 50-plus-ers, would you. Between our very own Everest-size to-do list, telephone calls in the kids asking when we could possibly get their old buying and selling card collections from the attic room and our parents asking us to assist them to download apps, we’re able to all make use of a ’script for many chill pills.

Obviously, you aren’t surprised that there’s an application for your. Hundreds, actually. Personally, i began the job of reviewing most of them and created their list of 10 free (or really cheap) apps to help you unwind, obvious your mind, get the bloodstream pressure during the normal range and perhaps, finally, obtain a good night’s sleep.

Apps to handle Stress

Stress Tracker

Platform: Android, Iphone and iPad (free)

Produced with a group of psychologists and researchers using Cognitive Behavior Therapy, this application can help you identify then, it’s wished, relieve a number of your everyday pressures. Track your moods and tension sources and discover why is you anxious. By identifying individuals moments, you are able to better cope with stressors — or, ideally, prevent them to begin with. What impressed me relating to this application: the scholarship and experts behind its data.

Gps navigation for that Soul

Platform: Iphone and iPad (free)

This application, produced by Arianna Huffington and Deepak Chopra, operates similar to biofeedback. Put your finger over your phone camera lens, and also the app’s built-in sensor will measure your heartbeat and it is variability. Then, factoring inside your age, weight and gender, the application displays your stress levels level, indicated along one spectrum that matches a psychological condition. After that it provides you with methods to help lower stress, like hearing calming music or viewing relaxing photos (or family pictures).

Simultaneously, a pacer can help regulate your breathing once you sign in to the application. Be careful about your screen to determine a "pulse" — a rather darkened part of the background shape just like a sine curve — increase and lower. Stick to the curve because it increases and falls, breathing out and in. While you steady your breaths, you’re already de-stressing.

Squeeze and Shake To Reduce Stress

Platform: iPhone ($.99)

This virtual stress ball looks and squeaks just like a rubber ducky whenever you squeeze the screen. Shake the telephone while pressing the edges so you obtain a hands massage as the phone vibrates. The faster you shake, the greater energetic the kneading. Low-tech stress balls have been in existence forever — many people say they work due to the fact you’re carrying out a simple repetitive movement. You might want to do your trembling and vibrating within this virtual version behind closed doorways. But when you take a step back out, your loved ones or co-workers may appear much less annoying.


Platform: Android, Iphone and iPad (free)

Mental health professionals maintain that diaphragmatic breathing is really a cornerstone of to reduce stress. Breathe2Relax takes you with the process with obvious videos which help you practice and master the process. Connect your earphones and inhale/exhale the right path via a dental appointment or turbulent flight. (The application may be used in plane mode.)

Apps to Fall and remain Asleep

White-colored Noise

Platform: Android, Iphone and iPad ($1.99)

Dr. Oz loves this application and it is obvious why. Your house you’re on the plane and want an electrical nap, however the infant two rows behind you is noisally expressing its unhappiness. How to proceed? Connect your earphones and allow the comforting seem of waves crashing on the beach lull you to definitely sleep. I did previously travel having a white-colored noise machine awaiting “that family” near me on the flight or alongside me inside a hotel. Now I simply stick my iPhone right into a radio pier and choose certainly one of 40 relaxing sounds (more can be found with an in-application purchase). Technology-not only together with your phone alarm therefore it turns off alone.

Sleep Cycle

Platform: iPhone ($1.99)

Fans of the application can’t say enough advantages to it. To begin, set your phone beside yourself on the bed mattress. The app’s built-in sensor works using the iPhone’s accelerometer to watch movement and see which sleep phase you’re in and record the amount of the sleep cycle. After that it results in a graph showing the “quality” of the snooze. You should use the information to determine, for example, if consuming tea or soda at night or watching the 11 p.m. news disrupts your sleep.

You’ll awake easier when you are see how to avoid sleep (and usually feel good all of those other day), therefore the application includes a 30-minute window before your set alarm time, and it’ll wake you when you’re inside your lightest sleep phase. You may have 30 minutes less sleep than should you rested right through to your alarm, but you’ll wake feeling more refreshing.

Sleepbot, an identical but bare-boned free application for Android, also tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you in a “good” time.

Apps to relax Out


Platform: Android ($.99), iPhone 4S (and above) and iPad (2 or over): free

Discuss a heavenly method to relax: new-agey music (that seems like it had been designed in space) plus gorgeous time-lapse photography of Earth taken by NASA astronauts around the Worldwide Space Station. Touch the views to manage the rate from the images. You may also make use of the clock and worldwide weather info abilities to show the application right into a night-table companion. It’s an ideal method to step outdoors your mind for any couple of minutes — plus, it puts your individual worries inside a much vaster context.

Deep Relaxation

Platform: iPhone (free)

This application teaches the Silva Approach to relaxation, that involves “centering” yourself through meditation. Pick the 30-minute deep relaxation track or even the 20-minute quick relaxation. Both of them are brought by Laura, with a lovely, soothing voice. I do not determine if this process surpasses others, however the comments are excellent — and Laura certainly chilled me out. The application is free of charge because (I believe) they’re wishing to up-sell a fee-based program. But what you could jump on the disposable application supplies a great get-away-from-it-all experience. Android includes a free application known as Relax With Andrew Manley Lite. I haven’t attempted it, however the description states it uses self-hypnosis.

Apps just for fun

Marine Aquarium

Platform: iPhone and iPad ($1.99)

Personally, I personally don’t like aquariums. In my opinion, they’re the place to find more dead fish than live ones. But research implies that watching fish glide by can lower bloodstream pressure, reduce heartbeat thus making you feel good. That is why a lot of dental professional office waiting rooms possess a tropical aquarium. This application uses videos of actual fish — and not the more prevalent animated ones. You may choose your favorites from 28 species and adjust foreground and background lighting. On top of that, these fish never die.

Sheep Counter

Platform: iPhone and iPad (free)

If counting sheep can help you go to sleep, this straightforward, mesmerizing application can get you towards the kingdom of nod very quickly. Sheep are cartoonish creatures who put on funny expressions, but lots of (the numerous) reviewers stated, “It labored for me personally.Inches There are many similar apps for Android, however the most adorable the first is in Italian.

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Linda Bernstein has written countless articles for a large number of magazines and newspapers, writes your blog GenerationBsquared and teaches social networking in the Columbia College School of Journalism.

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