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Android ASPs are shedding and iPhone ASPs are holding steady or perhaps growing. That signifies that Android buyers generally care more about less expensive handsets while iPhone proprietors prefer more costly ones. This really is hardly surprising news, but there’s two points to consider here: you may still find lots of Android phones obtainable in the iPhone’s cost range, but there’s also much more cheaper Android possibilities.

When there were more cheaper iPhone options, Apple’s ASP could be reduced, since it’s stop by the wake from the SE shows.

That stated, it’s equally apparent there aren’t any iPhones costing $150 or $250. When there were, Apple’s ASP could be reduced, since it’s stop by the wake from the SE shows.

So there’s a type of circular logic here: the ASP of iPhones is high because iPhones are usually priced high and Android’s is gloomier since they’re generally priced lower.

Apple has typically targeted a particular cost point for that thought of value it indicates. Given a larger spread of cost points though, iPhone buyers would naturally go for cheaper options.

The present ASP from the iPhone signifies this is definitely true: while it’s high, it isn’t up to it may be. If most iPhone buyers were purchasing the bigger capacity or Plus models, the iPhone’s current ASP could be nearer to $800 instead of $700. But you will find clearly a lot of people either purchasing a marked lower iPhone 6 or even the entry-level iPhone 7 to getting that average selling cost lower.

But the iPhone’s current ASP is still an archive for the organization. This might variably be related to a little more iPhone buyers this season investing in the present range compared to reduced last year’s model, or by the existence of slightly greater priced Plus models when compared with this past year. Or, it may be because of the fact the 8 GB iPhone 5c is not available.

Resourse: http://androidauthority.com/apple-iphone-average-selling-cost-749145/

Android Authority On Air – Episode 29 – iPhone5 Announced – Apple still playing catch up


jurrell hudson: the oppo finder is the thinnest smartphone. 

StrykerZeals: It can't be based off the A15 because Apple has been working on this phone for the past year, before the A15 was even announced, so they had to work on existing architectures. Having said that, they still did a great job at doubling the A5 chips performance. HOWEVER doubling the CPU performance in a benchmark like Geekbench, you'll get 1264 points, the old S2 gets 1133, so it isn't revolution. Yes I realise I am ignoring the rumours of it being 150% faster in that benchmark. 

Zadok Eleazar: Actually…false…its a custom core…its not based on A9 or A15….but if we were to pick one that its closer to, we would be safer saying A15…A9s do not support VFPv4, it supports VFPv3…the only chipsets that go up to VFPv3 are Krait an A15…Look at the tremendous performance gains on the A6…so far, there is literally no other chip that offers as high an IPC as the A6…you're right about the battery life though…just because they say +8 hours doesn't mean it lasts that long 

StrykerZeals: There is an issue with the removal of Google Prepaid cards. While it is true you can now add any credit or debit card, you must have a valid US address. For those of us that root our phones and installed Wallet, but live in other countries; such as Australia, we are no longer able to use Google Wallet. 

StrykerZeals: A6 is an optimised Cortex A9 core not A15 core…also it's 8 hours of predicted battery life, just because I say it can go for how long, doesn't mean it actually does. 

TheRandomActivity: same old boring UI on ios nothing interesting

MrZackarius: No phone has an a15 architecture, try again.

Doug Ford: $10, Walmart, Headset. Check into it guys…..your audio just flat out sucks. ANY headset will sound better than the POS builtin mics you're all using.

rajan nakarmi: jdbdjd

rob bennett: Its not a15 based\n

Rezzoo: fforblack don't know what the fuck he's talking about.

Dee: but apple is the only company who makes iPhones n a bunch of companies use android so "android phones" should always out sale the iphone

Zadok Eleazar: S4 is not A15 based…its similar, but A15 is better in every way…go and learn and stop clamping everything together just because an A15 device appeared on iOS first…Apple might have just gotten LTE, (based on hands-on and reports) its battery doesn't get badly drained from its usage despite how thin it is! Try that on these other bleeding edge devices that had battery killing LTE chips…

Zadok Eleazar: Really? I thought the term phablet referred to phones with screens at least 5 inches across diagonally…

Zadok Eleazar: lol..thanks man…don't worry, I'm never surprised to see trolling on the internet..

Scott Anderson: Well if you consider 4.3" behemoth size then a DroidX

Orlando Biotechnology: What do you think about the possibility of NFC and theft of data?



Drewman294: Skinny jeans referring to the new skinny iPhone 5 and pockets referring to the same old UI from the first iPhone made. Anyways thinking too much, just being dumb, pay no attention buddy.