Iphone 7: release dates, cost, features, rumors and specs

Iphone 7: release dates, cost, features, rumors and specs allows individuals

One caveat: This upgrade is just likely to show up on Apple’s bigger iPhone, apt to be known as the iPhone 7 Plus. That’s based on KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, that has made fairly accurate Apple predictions previously. iPhone photographers preferring the smaller sized model will dsicover solace within the rumor that Optical Image Stabilization (OIS), a technology that can help reduce blur in photos, is due the iPhone 7. If true, it will likely be the very first time OIS makes its method to a non-Plus model.

Slightly different design

Save the lack of the headphone jack, Apple’s next iPhones aren’t likely to look completely different than the earlier versions. However, Apple is stated to possess determined a method to eliminate the antenna bands that stretch across the rear of the unit. Still, iPhone proprietors who house their devices in protective cases may not spot the difference.

Next year’s flagship iPhones could see a far more significant design change. Apple is rumored to become developing three new iPhones, such as stated to possess a curved screen much like those of Samsung’s newer smartphones, based on Nikkei Asian Review. Apple can also be apparently intending to eliminate the house button included in this redesign, Bloomberg reports.

No 16GB option

Apple may finally boost the basic level iPhone’s storage capacity from 16GB to 32GB, based on the Wall Street Journal. Most Android phones include 32GB of space automatically, but Apple has maintained that 16GB is enough for individuals using the cloud for many computing tasks. However, critics state that despite cloud storage, 16GB is hardly enough storage for a lot of users, particularly since the iPhone’s operating-system takes up a number of that space right from the start.

"The idea is increasingly more once we use iCloud services for documents and our pics and vids and music, that possibly probably the most cost-conscious customers can reside in an atmosphere where they do not need gobs of local storage because useful lightening the burden,Inch Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior v . p . of worldwide marketing, lately told tech blogger John Gruber.

Tap-to-purchase mass transit in Japan

Apple is intending to add a tap-to-pay technology known as FeliCa into its next iPhone, based on Bloomberg. This tech allows individuals in Japan to keep public transit passes on their own phones instead of getting to hold around physical cards. Near Field Communication, the technology that forces Apple Pay along with other contactless payments, is famous The United States, however the FeliCa standard is extremely prevalent in Japan. You will find 1.9 million payment terminals in Japan that support it, states Bloomberg. As the report states Apple is planning this selection because of its next iPhone, Bloomberg also mentions this functionality may debut in next year’s model for the way talks with Japan-based payment systems engage in.

iOS 10

Apple’s newest smartphones always include the most recent software already installed. That pattern will probably continue. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will probably include iOS 10 as they are, that can bring a better form of iMessage that supports application integration, a brand new Siri that may communicate with third-party services, along with a revamped Photos application that utilizes machine learning to look for the items in a picture, among other additional features. Older iPhones and iPads can update to iOS 10 within the fall.

Iphone 7: release dates, cost, features, rumors and specs rumor thatResourse: http://time.com/4459835/apple-iphone-7/

iPhone 7 – Rumors, Specs, Release Date


Don DeWaay: Removing the headphone jack isn't innovation. Nobody wants less battery life and no way to use their current headphones. Heck, I DON'T WANT a thinner phone. It makes it harder to handle, especially with a slippery metal chassis. Really, Apple?

Zatharos: 6S had 2 gigs of ram…why the hell are you so excited about the 7 having the same amount of ram?

SHAUN DJ FISH BEATS MARTIN: +Clayton Cortina its coss hes gay and homeless thats why

ashlea foster: +codythepooder it's RAM not WAM

Marley Butler: Another crap phone … kiddie stalkers love them

Hasham Shaheen: Apple iShit

Darren Kellitt: What is with Apples obsession with making things thinner? Why is it a thing? why do I care if my phone is another 1mm thinner? their tech is so thin now they are having to boycott important everyday ports, making them less user friendly. Apple, you have lost the plot.

Mr Stone_age_man: waiting for iphone 35

Giulio Vismara: "Wireless charging" …. big deal… other phone manufactures like Samsung have been having this feature for years !! Same goes for dual camera, already present in many smartphones. Looks like Apple is not able to come up with anything new. All they do is wait a year or two and then implement a feature they sell as "brand new". Of course they are only effective on uninformed costumers. Removing the headphone jack is not a feature, but a bug to force costumers into using Apple proprietary headphones! I'm very curious how they are going to sell it… "holes are for Swiss Cheese, and we wanted a phone without holes."

Elliott Voth: Jayhawk Blanket

WEWATCH: Don`t lie to your viewers please. There is no need to remove the headphone jack to make it thinner. It is just a marketing trick to make more money. There are now 14 Android Phones that are thinner then 5 mm. That is 2 mm thinner then the Iphone 6s. And all 14 of them have a headphone jack. And many more are coming. All with headphone jacks. Apple will just charge more money for the extra's. If you want to make a discussion about less ports potentially meaning a better water resistant phone then perhaps you can make a case. But who is going to use a phone deeper then 3 feet under water for longer then 30 minutes while loosing a headphone jack as a result. It makes no sense. Lets not forget that there are now dozens of Android models that are waterproof and all of them with headphone jacks. This is just screwing their loyal followers to please some big stock holders with more profits. Until they loose even more fans and more global market share.

Top Ten Present: thanks for video. it's really amazing video.

Nikhil Sahijwani: 6s and 6s plus are already having 2 gigs of ram. I think 7 should have 3 gigs

islam elgalfy: No headphone jack no money �� iam getting the note 6 ��

Niravsinh Parmar: Note 7!

Senthil: 1. Wireless charging (Present in android and windows phones today)\n2. 3D Touch? its this really a reason to buy this phone? no i dont think so\n3. No physical home button (most phones today dont have any physical home button)\n4. 1mm thinner and taking the headphone jack, great idea is it? hope it doesn't bend\n5. Water proof, it is not new but good to have in a phone\n\nAs usual apple trying to put all the old tech into the iphone and may be claim it's their own innovations and sue poor samsung for something : ) Hope it wont disappoint apple fans.

Ceziᴴᴰ: Just had iPhones (4,5) in the past up to the 6 Plus, bought the HTC One m7 and it's still my daily outdoor driver till this day. I think I'll buy a S7 Edge this year rather than the new iPhone. I don't care about the 3,5mm headphone jack, since you'll get headphones with a lightning connector or usb-c type thing.

GymnasticsBri: .

CoinOpTV: hope the side buttons are configured better — always locking my phone when I mean to take a selfie

frumbert: Yeah, I'll take a THICKER phone if it means it works for longer (without a dumb mis-shapen battery add on)