Guy builds diy iphone 6s for under half the cost of a replacement

For individuals wondering, Scotty was not able to solder together their own logic board because, for security reasons, every Touch ID fingerprint sensor is cryptographically paired towards the Secure Enclave inside the Apple-designed A9 processor.

“I wanted to solder my very own logic board, however this switched out to become a much bigger endeavor than I figured,Inches he stated. However, it had been simpler to purchase a logic board using the processor, flash storage, Wi-Fi and LTE chips along with other components onto it.

The 4 fundamental parts to create an apple iphone: the screen, casing, battery and logic board.

He wound up purchasing a logic board refurbished from the real, legitimately purchased phone produced by Apple which was recycled sooner or later and included the Touch ID sensor.

Also, he obtained a damaged screen from the phone repair booth while he had “an incredibly hard time” trying to purchase a bare LCD and also the digitizer. The screen was completely disassembled after which reassembled with new parts.

When it comes to chassis, he purchased a rose-colored backplate by having an Apple emblem. Battery cost him just five dollars. He stated he made a decision to make an apple iphone 6s and never an apple iphone 7 because iPhone 7 parts are in currently hard to find within the markets.

IHS pegged list of materials for that 16GB iPhone 6s Plus at $231.

Source: Strange Parts


iPhone 6S: Cost to build


blah blah-blah: Of course the cost of manufacture isn't the entire picture. There's R&D and marketing etc. But yeah, still over priced. That's why Apple is so rich. I would like to know what the profit is on each phone.

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christian kiviniemi: God dam…not shockd\nNow lets watch the idiots who buy this shit phone be like "no they spend like 500$ to make it, its best phone ever" fuck out of here

evadesc: Criminal

eign: this phone cost over $900 in Canada for the base 16gb model, cant believe its only $649 in usa, considering our currently used to be on par

eign: +Rob Lyons I guess so 🙁 

Science based Training & Nutrition: +ErwinIgnacio I have heard taxes are really high too.

Temptation Gaming: apple are literally ripping people off xD

let's make it: pls make an video for making

Udai Hussein: all that shit together material wise costs like 30 USD

Selvaraj Palanisamy: Tits not included the software and R&D and its retail, no retailers can survive at least 100% profits. There is nothing wrong with it. If you feel expensive don't buy them.

Selvaraj Palanisamy: Even Samsun Htc phones are not cheap either it's retail for 600+$ then why hate apple .

Ruben R. Samaniego: But, considering someone can purchase the entry level iPhone 6s—on a 2-year contract—for $199, how would they make a profit off of that?

Armando Ciprian: they make a profit by the bill they have to pay around 100-150 dollars every month for 2 years

Summer Smith: Lol what about all the hours put into building it.\n\nThe cost of developing the software has to be paid for by the consumer.\n\nCNN is shouldn't be leaving that out in my opinion.

Shawn Afshar: All profit

Robert Martinez: At least it´s up $20 from last year… lol