Apple’s iphone 6s plus costs an believed $236 to create — $749 to buy – recode

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Should I buy iPhone 6s plus in 2017?


Nick Ackerman: How long will the iPhone 6S Plus last? That video is now up on the channel come check it out guys 🙂

كوكب علوم: Nick Ackerman , you hope but With the iPhone 6s Plus in 2017 , this is completely critical !

Aqua Mint: The 6s and 6s+ are both monsters it's totally worth getting them in 2017

Sajida _x: Aqua Mint Gaming I've been wanting the 6s plus in gold for a while

Ryan Tu: Aqua Mint Gaming I will take the 7

Lucifer Laveaux: I got it this year\nHad a seven Plus but didn't care for it\nBut I love my 6s Plus… kinda obsessed with it tbh lol

Dirk Möller: I hear ya bro. Seven is a bummer. I'm just now out on ebay to get a 6s plus just in case the 8 and 7s (plus) fail. The now seven (plus) is certainly now alternative: 6s looks nicer and without wireless charging the omission of the headphone jack is a fail. Shit is: ebay buyer know this….

Carl Johnson: Dirk Möller agreed.

Nick Ackerman: The iPhone 7 Plus has been on the market for some time now and the prices of the iphone 6s plus have come down quite a bit especially if you buy the phone second hand, in this video we talk about if you should buy an iPhone 6S Plus in 2017? Share your thoughts, experiences, and feedback and enjoy :)

gamer 2017: it's not worth the money #HATE IPHONE 7

Macario-Kurzfilme: gamer 2017 And why is it shit? In my opinion, the iPhone 7 is much better than the Smartphones from Samsung, Sony or any other, just because the iPhone 7 has a much better processor, has iOS (which, in my opinion, is better) and is all in all faster, what's so shitty about it?

White Dog: iphone 6 is stil worth. im using it and dont see any of lag. it my beast

KV Williams: Pipeon 6s plus

Ray Adamick: If you have doubts about the 7's, then the 6s plus is the way to go! If I do upgrade, it will be with the 7s plus or the iPhone 8? I love my 6s plus.

OTechTime: Awesome video bro. I'm gonna try to grab a 6S+

Nick Ackerman: Awesome Samuel! Cool to hear that your device is still doing great same here!

DavidFR: Got it the day it was released and surprisingly enough I haven't broken nor have I dropped it in water and it's still running like new! \nGreat buy even for 2017.

Mateja Miloradović: I got mine about 7 months ago and I love it! Only thing I hate are freakin' 16GB of storage I got, I thought it will be enough for me because my prevous phone was 16GB iPhone 5s and I always got like 8GB free, but now I'm surviving with only 6GB free… But anyways, I love it and I will probably upgrade when iPhone 9 comes out or something like that… ����

Mateja Miloradović: moldyrefrigerator LOL, I now have about 5GB left of 16GB and I have it for a year now, so I think I will survive another year just fine, I will probably upgrade when 2018 iPhone comes out. ��

Axel Davis: Like I said in one of your other videos I got this phone for christmas (my first iphone ever) and I fucking love it! 6S Plus >>> 7/7 Plus