Analyst claims 256 gb iphone 8 will definitely cost $1,099

Analyst claims 256 gb iphone 8 will definitely cost $1,099 even greater than Wall Street

Interestingly, Jankowski doesn’t seem to think that Apple may even provide a 64 GB iPhone 8 model — which may be known as the iPhone Edition — like TrendForce predicted captured.

Presently, Apple’s most costly iPhone may be the 256 GB variant of their iPhone 7s Plus, which retails for $969. However Jankowski, in her own note, also corroborated a lot of what we should know about Apple’s approaching tenth anniversary flagship including the way it will boast a bigger OLED display, wireless charging, an innovative new front-facing camera system boasting 3D facial recognition technology, and just how it will likely be able to facilitating a number of augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) applications.

Therefore, Jankowski argues, as the $1,000+ cost tag may appear as an awfully steep proposition, the truth is, it’s really not unreasonably more costly than Apple’s natural, top-tier iPhone — although it will feature an array of next-generation technologies and advanced features that really substantiate the $100-200 cost increase. Still, we can’t help but hope that Apple ultimately decides to produce a 64 GB variant that undercuts the $1,000 cost.

“The first $1,000 iPhone can drive significant upside,” Jankowski authored within the note to her clients, while adding that “The final point here is that we’re raising our FY18/19 EPS estimates further above consensus. We believe the greater interest in the bigger (5.8”) form factor is going to be supported because the iPhone 8 may have compelling additional features unavailable within the smaller sized form factors.”

Analyst claims 256 gb iphone 8 will definitely cost $1,099 her clients, while

Meanwhile, the sheer proven fact that Apple might be raising the cost tag of their approaching iPhone 8 has additionally spurred Jankowski to boost her Average iPhone Selling Cost (ASP) estimates to an amount that’s even greater than Wall Street’s estimates. While Wall Street’s current ASP for those iPhones is hovering around $675 each, Jankowski predicts Apple will sell as much as 243 million iPhone units with the 2018 fiscal year, the iPhone’s ASP could climb up to $763 per unit.


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