Voice over internet protocol mobile application for ios, iphone and ipad

Get The 8×8 Virtual Office phone extension to go…on Your iOS smartphone and tablet.

Manage your company communications everywhere

8×8 Virtual Office Mobile enables you to take the most crucial functionality of 8×8’s Virtual Office PC & Mac tools (full business phone, online voicemail message, video calling, chat, presence and fax) on the highway. Make use of your iPhone, iPad or Android device to make calls making use of your 8×8 Virtual Office extension, and calls out of your mobile phone displays your company Caller Identification.


Let’s Get Mobile

For those who have an 8×8 Virtual Office extension, you have Virtual Office Mobile! Why don’t you provide a spin?

  • Out of your device, look for 8×8 Virtual Office within the Apple Application Store.
  • Download the 8×8 Virtual Office Mobile application for your device.
  • Enter your 8×8 login and password to activate the application.
  • Begin to make calls!


  • Cut costs—Make calls in your smartphone making use of your 8×8 calling plan, which means you save money on lengthy distance and worldwide calls.
  • Save money on minutes—Use 4G, cellular calling plan or Wireless.
  • Save money on worldwide roaming—Avoid data roaming charges when outdoors the united states by switching off data roaming and taking advantage of Wireless hotspots. As your calls are billed. beneath your 8×8 calling plan, you will not have worldwide call roaming charges.


  • Use *88 to change from desk phone to smartphone in order to softphone throughout a live call. Your callers won’t even notice you altered devices!
  • Call people out of your company directory or personal address book.
  • Never miss a phone call which could concurrently ring in your cell phone, Mac or pc and desk phone.
  • Make 3-way calls.
  • Put callers on Hold, Park, or Transfer these to other extensions.
  • One-button use of conference bridge, auto-attendant, as well as an audio quality testing service.
  • Setup call forwarding rules.
  • View voicemails inside a list, review and delete messages in almost any order.
  • Check presence (busy, available, offline) and exchange messages with co-workers.
  • Make video calls with other 8×8 users.
  • View and delete faxes.*
  • Record any call.*
  • Works over 4G, cellular calling plan or Wireless.
  • Works together with iPhone OS 3.1 or later.

* Needs a Virtual Office Pro account.

To see a relevant video illustration showing Virtual Office Mobile around the iPad, click the link.

User Guides

The Virtual Office Mobile application is super easy to use. Observe how now.

  • Virtual Office Mobile User Guide for iPhone/iPad (PDF) (Online Help)

Note: Voice quality is susceptible to Wireless or 4G signal strength and available bandwidth.

Resourse: https://8×8.com/voice over internet protocol-business-phone-services/features/

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