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Iphone 6s and ServicesResourse: https://verizonwireless.com/smartphones/apple-iphone-6s/
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iPhone 6s Review!


Mark Lim: Upgrading to 6s from the 4s guys! Finally! ����

TheMaster2365 Ebob: Mark Lim same

Vatsal Bagri: Guess you can call the phone very 6sfull…..get it :P

Samsung: Vatsal Bagri XD! LOLOLOL\nnice one

Noah 123: Vatsal Bagri lol pretty clever

TheDaneH3: "16 Gigabyte phones need to die"\n\nWell, don't mind me, just sitting here with my 6 Gigabyte iPhone 4…

Gustavo Condori: TheDaneH3 2025: 1 terabyte phones need to die

Erblin Beqa: TheDaneH3 there is no 6gb iphone 4 model

Edgar Santiago: I'm getting this phone so I can get laid

Dilip Tien: +Moby Dick Of Dopeness all apps that use the camera other than the camera app are. 

Eric Poaps: Edgar Santiago might get laid by a dude. If you want to get laid by a woman, get the s8!

DaSourOrange: my attic has more storage than that phone

Oompa Loompa: DaSourOrange you don't say

Steve Farfan: Bryce Reigle It a joke idiot….

Adam Barber: I'm upgrading from an iPhone 3G which I got brand-new in 2008, as a gift from my parents for my first-year of high-school, to the 6S+ today in 2015 as a first-year Uni student. I've had that phone for nearly 8 years now, and it's sad to see it go.\n\nIt's been a wild ride friend, but time to say goodbye…

*Horribly* *Random*: dayum i can hardly keep my phone for over 7 months

lord and savior gaben: Adam Barber wow that's awesome. The longest I've had a phone was like 3 or 4 years which was the iPhone 3gs. \n\nI later bought an original iPad mini and kept that for another 3 years. \n\nI then got a used galaxy s3 which slowed down in under a couple months and the same thing happened with my next Sony phone. \n\nI then bought an iPhone SE and have been using it since November and it hasn't slowed down at all and I plan on keep it until 2020.

Safiyah: To whoever scrolls down to find this…. I hope you have an amazing day and from there on have a nice year. Also I want you to know that someone loves you

Marco Torrejon: Well thats nice. Thank u. Have a good one.

Braad: When will the iPhone 7 be released so I can get this bad boy