Comcast silently taps the iphone in front of xfinity mobile launch

Comcast silently taps the iphone in front of xfinity mobile launch update for Apple

Comcast is silently partnering with Apple because it prepares to produce wireless service underneath the brand Xfinity Mobile.

The cable giant’s name continues to be put into behind-the-scenes—but openly available—code that lists carrier bundles for that iPhone. Their email list of carrier bundles can be used by iTunes and iPhones to find out if the iPhone’s SIM is based on something provider that Apple comes with an agreement, then provisions the telephone accordingly.

The iPhone’s latest listing of carrier bundles includes “Verizon_Comcast_LTE_US,” and mentions the service “Xfinity Mobile.” A resource stated the mention of the FierceWireless, along with a different source with understanding from the matter confirmed that Comcast has indeed partnered with Apple in front of the launch of Xfinity Mobile.

The updated code seems to become associated with the discharge of the update for Apple’s iOS platform.

Comcast also seems to become testing wireless service because of its employees, going to date regarding set up a customer service line. A person care representative selected in the call when FierceWireless known as, then requested if the caller would be a Comcast worker. The representative declined to go over the service.

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Comcast makes not a secret of their wireless ambitions, obviously, also it seems to become putting the finishing touches on its service before launching within the coming several weeks. The organization captured reiterated its intends to deploy wireless service in 2017, vowing to unveil bundled choices by the center of the entire year.

Similarly, it shojuld not be a surprise that Comcast is searching to leverage the most popular iPhone because it prepares arrive at market. The cable operator is searching to leverage its network of 16 million Wi-Fi hotspots along with a 5-year-old MVNO agreement with Verizon to produce a new revenue stream, and also the iPhone is essential-have device for just about any newcomer searching to create a big splash within the U.S. wireless market.

“Another priority in 2017 would be to launch our wireless product,” Chief executive officer John Roberts stated in The month of january throughout a quarterly earnings call, based on a Seeking Alpha transcript. “I would characterize our efforts and approach within the following way: One, we intend to include wireless within our multi-product bundles in a manner that is made to increase the value of our customers, improve our retention and eventually benefit lifetime customer financial aspects for all of us. Our offering can give customers use of a global-class wireless network taking advantage of our Wi-Fi, using the best cellular devices and a straightforward, transparent experience, all for any great value.”


Xfinity Mobile – Comcast & Verizon LTE Bundle


Coleman Adamson: Don't care about your personal life….just give me the info.

Carson Suite: Thanks

Nick Mofield: $65 may be more on the unlimited plan but with xfinity there are no line access fees and the talk & text are included. So $65 for everything unlimited and no access fee is far cheaper than Verizon.

luiz cartez: already trying out xfnity s. we ll see . we started using our gs8 s yesterday. within a couple of weeks or less we should find out whethere we keep then or not. \n\nso far, call quality good. video w hiccups free, no choppy videos, no video freezing. we ll see once i go to hanford area Monday. that s were tmobile really fd up( no data n bad signal).\n\ni drove to fresno s outskirts today n i was still able to watch videos, never did they freeze once .\n\nso far, i think it s fair trying this deal out for 30days. \n\nany ways, yea. i junped into this deal beacause i was told repeatedly that xfinity s cell phone s service s thru verizon. that s what caught my eyes.\n\n45 per line unlimited( 20 gb data) verizo s plan?very good deal.\n\nwe ll pay totally including my wive s gs8 s $ 150 . \n\nplease, xfinity do not dissapoint me!!!

Greg Lobato: How is the service about one week in Luiz?

luiz cartez: Greg Lobato , no complaints so far. watching video as i write back to you. i just ran internet speed test thru couple of websites. 25 megspersecond, uploading speeds up to 15megs persec. not bad, not bad at all.

Dawn Blair: How smooth is a cell phone call that switchs from mobile wi-fi to Verison during the call?

Mohammed: Already did I'm waiting for the phone to arrive. The bad thing is that you won't be able to use your unlocked phone (BYOD) you have to buy a phone from Xfinty to use their mobile services