Using your iphone overseas without breaking the bank

Returned from Haiti – great trip, I’ll talk about it soon. For the time being I simply desired to highlight a few of the ways I personally use my iPhone in which to stay touch without having to pay the ridiculously high data/voice rates.

(These pointers come from first hands knowledge about an apple iphone on AT&T. You’ll need to look at your own provider for his or her data rates.)

Enable Worldwide Roaming

Regardless of whether you make use of your phone’s data or otherwise, for AT&T you have to let the Worldwide Roaming service. It’s free, you need to simply have experienced a free account up to date for any couple of several weeks. Used to do it over the telephone by having an AT&T repetition, however, you could possibly get it done online.

For around $6 per month there is a World Traveler add-with that provides you with lower minute rates when utilizing your phone far away. But that’s one more choice to the disposable Worldwide Roaming.

SMS and Twitter are the Friend

After landing and activating your phone, it’ll instantly connect with a cell provider. You’ll will also get a text from AT&T using the current data rate for where you’re at. When landing in Haiti, it had been $19.97 per Megabyte!

Automatically, Worldwide Roaming, a choice in Settings, is off, so your phone won’t use data when abroad (though you might like to make sure that it is off before leaving).

So apart from Wireless (that you simply should certainly try to look for), the only real other method for you to transmit data back and forth from your phone is SMS texting.

For AT&T, it’s liberated to receive (or simply deducted out of your regular plan) and $.50 to transmit. You may also pre-buy an worldwide texting package, like 50 texts for $10 ($.20 a text).

Twitter was natively built to utilize texting (thus the 140 character limit). When establishing a Twitter account, it’ll request your telephone number. Once setup, you can just text a tweet to 40404.

Do you know the benefits of this even though you don’t use Twitter? Simple. 1 tweet, 1 text, limitless recipients.

When likely to Haiti it’s far simpler and price efficient to transmit one message anybody can see to understand my status and well-being (well-being is much more a household concern).

Family less than componen with technology? Not a problem. Any mobile phone can follow you via SMS. For instance, anybody could follow me by texting ‘follow @C47‘ to 40404. Done, that’s it. Updates go right to their phone. Here are a few more Twitter SMS tips.

It is also smart to switch on SMS notifications for Twitter news feeds to obtain them delivered to your phone, like CNN. And good way to stay informed.

That’s all I acquired. This allows me keep people updated without having to pay crazy rates. If you want to communicate in your area to keep your a prepaid phone.

I’ve heard about unlocking phones and swapping Sims to possess a local number (and then use data). Anybody convey more information on that? Or other tips?


How to set your iPhone for international travel


Susan G: well presented! thank you!\n

Khalil Amro: My friend said she paid before going to Australia and she could text me. What might she had paid and will it charge me?

Kristian Bautista: With my sprint plan that is unlimited everything I can use my Samsung Note 5 in my Europe trip. I have to set my phone in GSM Network(Automatic). Free 2G Data, Free TXT messages, 20c/min incoming and outgoing call including voicemails.

Alan Stephens: great video, but it needs updated. Apple has moved everything and I can't find roaming.

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fosterful: Great Tips, in another video can you talk about other updated communication options?for example using local WIFI or the what's app which allows calls using only WIFI

Keith H: Some great tips! I have my voice mail going to Google Voice all the time, traveling or not. VMs go to Google Voice, which is accessible online through a standard web browser and downloadable to MP3/ associated with your Google account. Also it'll email you when a new VM is in.

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Michael Tavernaro: Switch off voicemail as well, especially visual voicemail. Switch off MMS, recieving SMS is free, but recieving MMS is usually not free. 

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