This is actually the first 4k film shot using the new iphone 6s

Need to see the 4K video quality around the new iPhone 6S camera? Browse the video clip above which was just released today through the media company RYOT. Entitled “The Painter of Jalouzi,” the recording may be the world’s first video clip which was filmed in 4K using the new iPhone 6S Plus.

RYOT co-founder David Darg informs PetaPixel that his team acquired the phones from Apple a couple of days ago. Then they attempted to tell the storyline of 1 citizen in Jalouzi, among the largest slums in Haiti, who’s on the personal mission to bring a a little color to existence there by literally painting the whole town.


“Believing that color has the ability to change his community, he’s assisting to paint everywhere – on houses, on buses, and also the entire hillside,” the film’s description states. “Armed with brushes of vibrant blues, pastel pinks, and sunshine yellows, he’s assisting to mobilize citizens of every age group, going to turn the gray town right into a rainbow filled with color to guide the best way to a better Haiti.”

RYOT used the telephone inside cases that permitted these to shoot rich in-finish lenses.

Screenshot (312)

Screenshot (313)

Screenshot (315)

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video showing the way the film is made:


Behind the Scenes First Documentary Filmed on New iPhone


Silver Tassel: what lens adaptor did you use?

Mury Vape: interesting, pls answer us this question guys. We need more details

Distinct Mind: +Mury Vape Guys check the description man..

thameth: Could you post links to some of the gear you used??

Distinct Mind: +thameth Check the description bro

thameth: +BlueSea Lotus none of that info was there when I asked… Cool, thanks for posting RYOT!

MagnumDB: I don't understand why this YouTube video appears to have the cinema 4K ratio of 4096×2160 – and not the UHD version of 4K which the iPhone shoots at which is 3840×2160.\n\nWas this behind the scenes video shot at 4096×2160 and then you brought in the iPhone 3840×2016 file to it and then resized?

bobbytruffles: Can you please list the gear you used (audio, lenses, stabilization, drone, post-production software (i.e. finalcut?  DaVinci? Premiere?)  Inquiring minds want to know!!!


John Scotland: Love your documentary, how long did it take to film and edit?

KEINOMADDONE: How do you keep the video quality when you upload to YouTube. I've used my 6sPlus but my video looks nothing like this after I upload to YouTube. Please help. How do you edit, how do you upload, is it a software thing, tell me everything. Thank you��

Rigo Cornejo: well like always apple is removing the audio jack so lavalier microphone or shotgun mics will be a hustle to make it work fuck it I am buying lg in 2 weeks

Seth Pearson: Sub'd. Solid vid guys!

Marco Ramos: Guys, you made an amazing job! Congrats! I´m a freelance designer in Mexico, and my clients need my production skills, but I don´t want to invest in expensive equipment. Which gadgets for iPhone do you recommend to begin a production? Tnks!

gomusicproduction: Guys thats amazing ! Thank you for your job!

DMJ FILMS: very good documentary

Rondell Paul: would you recommend the IKAN stabilizer or any others?

Musicproducer Unik: video and story are stunning! BUT the video is marketed as a "Iphone6s -only" Video so i guess it's unfair to use external stabilizing devices or expensive lenses.

Jackson Xia: no aliasing problems? ._.

Brian King: I just watched the tutorial on that lens adapter, and it seems like a pretty substantial pain in the ass. How much did you actually roll with that in the field?