Startup turns the iphone right into a portable eye doctor office for convenient field eye exams and prescriptions

On the recent visit to Haiti, Marc and the team could generate a field optometrist’s office where they could identify eye prescriptions in around one minute per patient. Not just was a purchase of magnitude more effective, it was especially helpful for children who aren’t always prepared to view the standard routine eye exam.

I discovered myself inside a rural village in Haiti, packed in the crowded van with 16 other volunteers – all exhausted from the full day’s vision tests. My friend, Greg Van Kirk, and that i were physically tired but psychologically invigorated. Included in the refraction team, Greg and that i helped to refract nearly 250 community people more than a six hour time-frame, so we were rewarded using the smile of the lady seeing clearly the very first time, possibly in her own whole existence. Along the way, we effectively field tested our smartphone-based autorefractor (the SVOne), something we’ve been working towards during the last 2 yrs. Experiencing firsthand the interest in vision services in Haiti provided we with tremendous validation our efforts in the last 2 yrs happen to be wisely spent.

9to5-image 2014-09-19 at 8.13.02 AM9to5-image 2014-09-19 at 8.13.30 AM How do you use it? Marc gave us a fast demo from the device:

Marc and the team is going to be in the Vision Expo West a few days ago demonstrating their tool and you will discover much more about the merchandise around the Smartvision Labs website.

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Portable Device for Eye Exams