Sprint adds 33 more destinations to sprint open world – limitless free texting, great rates on calls and-speed data

Sprint Global Roaming

Customers whose worldwide travel doesn’t frequently include Mexico, Canada or South America may opt rather for that Sprint Global Roaming free add-on service. With Sprint Global Roaming, customers get free limitless 2G data, limitless texting, and requires $.20 each minute. For an entire listing of Sprint Global Roaming destinations, visit www.sprint.com/globalroaming.

Open World and Global Roaming can be found on iPhone 6s

Both Open World and Global Roaming are for sale to free around the iPhone 6s, along with other iPhones and smartphones from Sprint. Beginning on Sept. 25, qualified Sprint customers can pick iPhone Forever2 to obtain iPhone 6s for $15 monthly and iPhone 6s Plus for $19 monthly, which makes it the most cost effective method of getting the brand new iPhones on Sprint. Customers who not exchange a current smartphone sometimes of purchase could possibly get iPhone 6s for $22 monthly and iPhone 6s Plus for $26 monthly. Using the innovative iPhone Forever program, incorporated within the cost, Sprint customers are now able to customize the iPhone each year. Visit www.sprint.com/iphoneforever to make an order or find out more about the iPhone 6s and iPhone Forever.

Customers can find out more about Sprint Open World or any other worldwide calling options by calling 1-800-SPRINT1, going to a Sprint or RadioShack store, or take a look at www.sprint.com/openworld.

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About Sprint

Sprint (New york stock exchange: S) is really a communications services company that produces ever better methods to connect its people to whatever they worry about most. Sprint offered greater than 57 million connections by June 30, 2015 and it is broadly famous for developing, engineering and deploying innovative technologies, such as the first wireless 4G service from the national carrier within the U . s . States leading no-contract brands including Virgin Mobile USA, Boost Mobile, and Assurance Wireless instant national and worldwide push-to-talk abilities along with a global Tier 1 Internet backbone. Sprint continues to be named towards the Dow jones Johnson Sustainability Index (DJSI) The United States within the last 5 years. Discover more and visit Sprint at www.sprint.com or www.facebook.com/sprint and www.twitter.com/sprint.

1Requires GSM and LTE capable device. Primary usage must occur around the U.S. Sprint network. Service might be terminate or restricted for excessive worldwide use.

2Via Sprint Lease with $ lower at signing plus $15 (with trade-in) on at 22-month lease or $22 monthly for any 21-month lease for qualified customers. Payment varies for other memory configurations. No equipment security deposit needed. Req. service plan. Customer accounts for insurance and then any repairs. If service or lease is cancelled early, the rest of the lease payments become due immediately and customer must return the unit or spend the money for purchase option. iPhone Forever: Pertains to replace on lease. Upgrade doesn’t include same generation model iPhone. Doesn’t guarantee payment per month amount, phone selection, or service plan rates. Contingent upon product availability. Not transferable. Limitations apply.

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Changing Passenger Destination on Uber Driver App


teo hrdz: saludos desde minnesota, señor Jorge gracias por tan buena informacion, yo me registre como conductor con uber ace 5 dias pero no tenia la informacion de como obtener ventaja de el bono cuando alguien te recomienda, mi pregunta es si se puede hacer algo, gracias

UBER Driving: If you are still within 15 days, I can submit the new driver bonus promo code for you to Uber via the Uber app. Send me the following info using YouTube's Private Msg (to avoid unwanted email spam, so don't reply here). Uber requires this info to attach the promo code to your account: 1. Name, 2. Email you use with Uber, 3. Phone # you use with Uber, 4. Date you registered with Uber (not the date you were approved to start driving)

Carol Shockley: I am getting discouraged with driving recently. This is my first month of driving and all of sudden this week I've gotten low ratings and today my first issue posted on navigation, professionalism, and driving. I treat everyone the same and always friendly. Not sure what I did wrong to upset anyone. There was problem with a pickup due to a uber map issue but quickly resolved for the pickup but thats all I can think of, besides my drunk guy from a strip club one morning who was complaining before he got in. I hope I can get my ratings back up. I had to cancel one trip today because when I arrived and called they stated they didn't call for a pickup.

UBER Driving: Everyone driving Uber knows what you are talking about as we all know this too well! Don't sweat those bad apples that give bad ratings & complain. There's always going to be one of those who will give you a bad rating or complain to Uber for no reason or for a reason such as trying to get a free ride from Uber. I have a video posted on things every driver should have in their car or do to minimize bad ratings.

Carol Shockley: I've started reviewing your past videos … Thanks for sharing your knowledge

Richard Cole: Why did you stop making videos, I liked them

UBER Driving: I'm overdue for a video. Just busy lately but will have new videos up soon!

Matt B: if u can't get high ratings without doing all this u probably shouldn't be driving. when driving in my city I don't even use navigation. I verify address and just drive. if they have multiple stops I tell em to enter final destination so If I get another request it's based on were trip is ending. no offense if I get a ping with a surge while I have passenger in car and then they tell me they have multiple stops. I say sorry u should've told me when u got in. my next ride is expecting me in 5 min or whatever it is. this is ur biz and bout making money point blank. u don't get paid for ratings. as long as u don't go to low that they deactivate u it don't matter and if it goes that low ur in wrong biz I have 4.97 and i don't doing anything extra. all u have to do is get to rider in time quoted and get them to destination without getting lost be Profesional and make small talk when wanted and don't talk when not wanted. it's a shame these companies have to have a rating system to weed out ppl who shouldn't be doing this for a job. but they chose to let anyone sign up to drive and let riders weed em out for them at the expense of getting bad service opposed to having a vetting system in place that isnt just based on mvc and criminal check to not letting every Tom dick and Harry drive. but uber took a profession and said anybody can do this. which isn't the case cause drivers getting deactivated cause they can't get good ratings.

owenbrau63: If you go to multiple stops without changing the destinations, they can later claim you took a long route to the destination and swindle you out of part of the fare. I have also defended myself against such a claim because I pointed out that I followed the in-app navigation, ie. the route Uber told me to take.

Michael Deering: I like the idea of changing the destination, but when am I going to have time to type it in? Not while driving. At stop lights not enough time (I type slow), and I have to keep an eye on the light and traffic so I know when it changes. If I pull over, I'm wasting the rider's time.

UBER Driving: You can ask the passenger to change the destination themselves on their Uber app if you don't get a chance to make the change yourself during one of the multiple stops. Usually the passenger will ask for the additional stop at the pickup time which allows you to make the change yourself before you start the trip.

Carin Wogahn: Hi. I did not have another drivers code when I signed up.. could you send an email for me.

Martin Barajas: UBER Driving \ni signed up about a week ago is it possible to take advantage of that promo?

UBER Driving: Sure, this will work if you signed up less than 15 days ago. Sometimes I get requests from drivers stating that they registered in the last 15 days and then Uber informs me that they actually registered more that 15 days ago. If you are within 15 days, I can submit the new driver bonus promo code for you to Uber via the Uber app. Send me the following info using YouTube's Private Msg (to avoid unwanted email spam, so don't reply here). Uber requires this info to attach the promo code to your account: 1. Name, 2. Email you use with Uber, 3. Phone # you use with Uber, 4. Date you registered with Uber (not the date you were approved to start driving)

andyattitude2000: Do you actually need to change the destination in order to be payed for the full trip?I have had trips where the passengers select a destination and then decide to check out the action at other bars and then return to the point of pick up and I have been receiving pay for the total miles. Or am I missing something?

UBER Driving: No, you don't have to change it if you don't want to. I mentioned this in the video as well. Changing it protects you in case the passenger disputes the charges that they didn't go to the changed destinations.

Un Tal Francisco Javier: Hola Jorge, hoy me paso q un pasajero despues de 15 minutos de camino me cambio la direccion, eso afectara mi pago de ese trip?

UBER Driving: No, no afectara el pago del trip. Aunque cambien la dirección en medio del trip, el pago se calcula desde la dirección donde empezó hasta la dirección donde terminas llevándolo.

Russell Williams: How d you get paid to deviate the original destination if the distance is extended?

UBER Driving: Even when you change the destination yourself on the driver app and the trip's distance is extended; Uber calculates your pay as one trip based on the distance & time pay rate from the pick-up location to the final location where you drop-off your rider and you end the trip.