Man treats haiti earthquake wounds using iphone application

Man treats haiti earthquake wounds using iphone application in order to

On Sunday, the Miami-Dade Urban Search and Save Team saved a 2-year-old girl who was simply hidden underneath the boulders for 5 days. Here's video clip from the save from my iPhone:

The lady's father (putting on the yellow shirt) observed his daughter's removal in the debris. It had been an amazing moment to look at a parent get his daughter back and hold her once more. This young girl symbolizes the indomitable spirit from the Haitian people. She's the way forward for Haiti.

The lady's save reminds my Florida constituents, including many Haitian Americans who've been hit hard through the earthquake, that even just in the darkest hour, hope still endures. Some have known as me in desperation on three-way calling with family people caught in the center of the disaster. The earthquake has additionally propelled my community to do something as nothing you've seen prior by collecting donations, volunteering some time and expertise, and offering support and hopes to neighbors in need of assistance. My constituents and also the Haitian individuals are in discomfort, however i would like them to understand there are tales of hope such as this across their native land.

A week ago, I purchased a 1-way commercial air travel ticket to Santo Domingo and traveled having a local driver during the night to Haiti, coming because the sun rose at Toussaint L'Ouverture Worldwide Airport terminal in Port-au-Prince. Transpire ended up being to survey the relief efforts and work out how best to reply to the disaster.

Man treats haiti earthquake wounds using iphone application but my job nowNothing prepared me for that dying and destruction, but my job now's to make certain Congress and also the Administration act as hard as you possibly can in order to save lives and produce necessary relief to Haiti. The stakes are merely excessive and a lot of lives hang within the balance. In addition, my house condition of Florida will be the first to have the results of the disaster when we neglect to address the humanitarian crisis quickly and effectively.

Haiti won't go back to normal in the near future, however the U . s . States is going to do its part to aid and rebuild Haiti, as Secretary Clinton so clearly stated, "today, tomorrow, but for the time ahead."


Under the Rubble in Haiti with Only an iPhone to Help Diagnose Injuries