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The language around the pages from the plain black notebook are designed in a semi-scrawl, interspersed with smears of bloodstream — stark proof of the desperation that they were written.

Sitting together with his wife, Christina, in Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital, Dan Woolley demonstrated the notebook to TODAY’s Meredith Vieira via satellite hookup Tuesday. Trapped for 65 hrs under a lot of remains within the lobby of his hotel by Haiti’s Jan. 12 earthquake and knowing he could die, Woolley wrote notes to his two youthful boys and the wife.

“I always aspired to survive, however i understood which was something which I couldn’t control. And So I made the decision if I needed to go, I needed to depart some last notes on their behalf,Inches Woolley stated. Opening it and fighting his feelings, he read an entry he addressed to his sons, Josh, 6, and Nathan, 3:

“I is at a large accident. Never be upset at God. He always offers his children, even just in hard occasions. I’m still praying that God can get me out, but He might not. But He’ll always take proper care of you.”

‘Boy, I cried’Woolley had refuge within an elevator shaft, where he used an apple iphone first-aid application to deal with a substance fracture of his leg along with a cut on his mind. He’d already used his dslr camera’s focusing light to light up his surroundings, and brought images of the remains to assist look for a rut to hold back to become saved — in order to die.

Writing the notes to his wife and kids wasn’t easy, the deeply religious man stated.

“Boy, I cried,” he accepted. “Obviously, nobody wants arrive at that time. I additionally didn’t wish to just get found after getting a while — God provided a while — to consider and also to pray and also to believe the truth. I needed to make use of that point to complete everything I possibly could in my family. If that may be surviving, escape, i then would. If it may be simply to leave some notes that will enable them to in existence, I’d do this.Inches

Woolley have been employed by Empathy Worldwide, a mission organization, creating a film concerning the impact of poverty around the people of Haiti. He along with a friend, David Hames, had just came back towards the Hotel Montana in Port-au-Prince from the day’s filming once the earthquake struck.

“I just saw the walls rippling and merely explosive sounds throughout me,” Woolley told Vieira. “It all happened incredibly fast. David yelled out, ‘It’s an earthquake,’ so we both lunged and everything switched dark.”

Waiting for his fate
Woolley is nearsighted and lost his glasses within the quake. But using the focusing light on his camera and taking photos, he could determine where he was and what to do. And due to the iPhone first-aid application he’d downloaded, he understood how you can fashion a bandage and tourniquet for his leg and also to steer clear of the bleeding from his mind wound. The application also cautioned him not to go to sleep if he felt he was entering shock, so he set his cell phone’s noisy alarms to visit off every twenty minutes.

As well as 65 hrs, he anxiously waited for whatever fate been on store for him.

Woolley attributes his survival and save with a French save team to divine providence. Another person in Woolley’s team seemed to be saved, but because of Tuesday, Hames was not found.

Your Accommodation Montana can also be in which a student group from Florida’s Lynn College was remaining. Four of individuals students remain missing together with two faculty advisors.

“A large amount of everyone was praying for safety with this trip, and that i was employed by Empathy Worldwide,” Woolley stated. “A large amount of hopes venture out for that work that people do, so I have faith that God was usual to me and that he made the decision he wanted me to outlive, and thus He was beside me and solved the problem in individuals moments.”

Moments of despairWhile Woolley focused on surviving, his wife, Christina, battled to hang on to hope — not necessarily effectively.

“I experienced moments of despair,” Christina accepted to Vieira. “I threw in the towel several occasions, and that i thought I’d never see Dan again.”

But, like her husband, Christina stated her belief sustained her. She stated she’d a particular understanding that “wherever Dan was, God was holding Dan in the users hand of his hands. I simply didn’t determine if which was in Haiti or perhaps in paradise. I had been pleading God that Dan would be in Haiti.”

On Tuesday, four days after his save, Dan and Christina were eagerly searching toward coming back for their Colorado Springs home and reuniting using their sons.

“That’s likely to be a really emotional experience,” stated Dan, who only a couple of days ago was writing individuals bloodstream-smeared notes towards the boys. “I’ve talked to them on the telephone several occasions, but to simply hug their heads and touch their frizzy hair and merely love in it and wrestle together — as lengthy because they don’t hurt my leg — it’s likely to be amazing, an aspiration become a reality.Inches

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