Ga physician transmits iphone report from haiti

Ga physician transmits iphone report from haiti across the country printed author
Comes to an end, 29 Jan 2010 17:53:48 GMT —

Dr. Mana Kasongo, the medical correspondent for NewsChannel 15’s sister station in Albany, Georgia filed the recording report mounted on this story today. Dr. Kasongo recorded the set of her iPhone.

Dr. Kasongo is delivering reports to FOX 31 WFXL of her encounters helping in Haiti, where she has been since The month of january 19th.

She states most of the people she’s helped had various infections that have brought to body amputations. Dr. Kasongo calls the significant conditions, "physically difficult."

"It’s similar to I walked in to the land from the living dead, especially weighing night to see everyone on the ground. The scope from the destruction of human existence is gigantic and something you can’t even imagine," she stated.

About Dr. Kasongo:

Dr. Kasongo is really a board-certified emergency physician in addition to a across the country printed author. Born within the then Zaire, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Dr. Kasongo has spent a lot of her adult existence within the quest for each of her passions medicine and journalism. After graduating and getting a Master’s degree in the Columbia School of Journalism, Dr. Kasongo labored like a freelance reporter for a lot of news venues including InStyle Magazine and Institutional Investor. Furthermore, Dr. Kasongo co-founded the Black Star News, an every week investigative newspaper in New You are able to City.

While keeping her journalism roots, Dr. Kasongo continued to get her medical degree from Hurry School Of Medicine and completed her residency in emergency medicine from New You are able to College in the year 2006. She’s had articles printed with ABC news, Newsweek, Real Health Magazine. Dr. Kasongo has additionally been a featured speaker, including at DePaul College, where she was requested to own annual Martin Luther King lecture where she serves around the advisory committee for that College of Communications. She also plays a role in the blog Presently, Dr. Kasongo is definitely an attending physician at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Albany, Georgia.

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