Way2call hi-phone usb desktop modem

Way2call hi-phone usb desktop modem house phone

The Way2Call Hi-Phone Desktop enables you to talk with your computer using any telephone in your house. Just get a telephone, press "#", then speak voice instructions or make use of the telephone’s keypad to manage your lights, appliances or audio/video equipment. Any voice instructions that you simply configure in HomeSeer is going to be available through the telephone.

All Way2Call modems are bundled with HomeSeer Phone software. HomeSeer Phone is made to allow HomeSeer to gain access to and control special functions within the Way2Call modem.


    Way2call hi-phone usb desktop modem so no

  • Built-in voice modem, so no modem is needed inside your computer.
  • Can be employed in full duplex mode so that you can give voice instructions whether or not the unit is talking with you.
  • Connects via USB for simple installation.
  • Press the # key on any in-house phone and you’ll be linked to HomeSeer.
  • Detects whenever a remote party hangs in the phone. The phone call will be ended. This leads to smaller sized voicemail messages.
  • Incoming rings might be muted and never delivered to your in-house phones until caller identification is detected. This provides the telephone software lots of time to identify the caller identification information and drop the phone call or send the phone call to some voice mailbox before annoying your family using the rings. This setting is software controlled and settable within the HomeSeer Phone options modem tab.
  • When caller identification is detected, the ring pattern could be altered, essential calls or requires a particular person could be assigned a unique ring.
  • When getting together with the pc with an in-house phone, as well as an exterior call arrives, the phone call is announced for you over the telephone. If caller identification details are available, this really is announced also. After that you can press * (star) 9 to change towards the incoming call.
  • From your in-house phone, you are able to say "dial bill cruz" and also the phone software interacts using the box to dial the amount for you personally.
  • Dialing may also be made by number by saying "dial 911".
  • On the power failure, this area connects all in-house phones towards the outdoors and doesn’t hinder the standard operation from the phone.
  • Observe that the unit are only able to handle voice, and won’t behave as an information modem.

The Hi-Phone includes the next:

  • 1 Each – Hi-Phone Desktop unit including one RJ11 jack for the phone line connection and something RJ11 jack for link with the phones in your house.
  • 1 Each – Installation Guide

Resourse: https://iautomate.com/products/