ten best iphone clones – sciphone, i9++, hiphone, yphone, lixin

  • WiFi  and television enabled
  • 3.2″ Touchscreen  256K display color
  • Dimensions 110mm ×58mm ×13mm with color VGA (240×300)
  • 180 degree Screen
  • Dual Camera
  • Dual SIM
  • Bluetooth
  • Ultra-thin little
  • Radio and music players

TV I999+

TV I999+ is yet another Dual Card Quad Band with Dual Camera and Flash light TVs support. With 3.2 Inch Flat Touchscreen, TV I999+ includes Tilt ‘n’ Shake technology and it is fully unlocked for the carriers. Options that come with TV I999+ are Bluetooth, TV-Enabled, Flash light, Full Screen View, and impressive touch controls. Costing around $ 82.99, I999+ will come in dark colored.

Options that come with TV I999+

  • Dimensions(W*D*H)- 115mm ×62mm ×12mm and weighs around  .119Kg
  • 3.2″ Display with Screen Resolution QVGA (240×320 pixels)
  • Battery Stand-by Time As much as 400 hrs
  • Support for Audio File Formats – MP3/WAV/AMR/AWB
  • Support for Video File Formats – 3GP/MPEG4 (AVI)
  • Support for longer storage device – 8G

Lixin N1

Lixin N1 is really a Quad Band Dual Card Dual Camera handset which includes Wireless TV. This JAVA 3. enabled device features 3.0” Touchscreen having a resolution of 240x 320 pixels. Lixin N1 has TV-Enabled feature that enables you to definitely watch all of the Television channels free because the analog antenna from the device accumulates the signals. Obtainable in Black and White-colored colors and weighing around .08Kg, Lixin N1 is definitely an impressive phone in a cost of $154.99.

Options that come with Lixin N1

  • 3.0″ VGA touchscreen display with 240×320 pixels resolution.
  • Hd Dual camera
  • Dimensions 103 mm ×56mm ×11mm and weighs around .08Kg.
  • TV-Enabled
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Java Enabled
  • Dual SIM abilities

3Pro iPhone Clone

3Pro is really a JAVA based Quad Band handset with FM Digital TV TVB-T, Bluetooth and Tilt ‘n’ shake functions. 3Pro is stylish and ultra thin phone that includes a 3.4″ QVGA TFT Touchscreen having a resolution of 240×320 pixels together with many impressive features. Costing around $149.99 and weighing .1Kg, 3Pro is an extremely light weighted handset. 3Pro will come in white-colored color.

Options that come with 3Pro

  • 3.4″ TFT display with 240×320 pixels resolution and 256K display colors.
  • Dimensions (W*D*H) – 116 mm × 52mm × 10.9mm
  • Hd camera with Camera Picture Resolutions – 640×480/320×240/240×320/160×120/80×60
  • Digital TV enabled
  • In-built Tilt ‘n’ shake technology
  • Responsive touchscreen

Resourse: http://techhail.org/iphone/10-best-iphone-clones-sciphone-i68-n8-i9-hiphone-yphone-tv-i9-lixin/

BEST 100$ Fake Iphone 7 Clone from CHINA !


Dominik Ježík: Saalbach is best skiresort #skicircus

MoonSevenify: is this phone worth for money?

Tomiwa Oladokun: TechMagnet please can you buy the real iPhone 7 matte black? I really haven't ever had an iPhone

Vecopotryx: I really find it entertaining to see how good these clones actually are ;)

[HS] Highlight Shorts: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dummy-Fake-Phone-of-iPhone-7-7-Plus-for-Display-Only-Black-Screen-1-1-size-/322414134395?var=&hash=item4b1161447b:m:mixwEgEd2BAf4-9LKlA3jCg

OgSaucy: Highlight Animations that's a non working phone I thought u was talking about a clone that works for 10

Ahmed Shams: Loved the video and it's location !

TechMagnet: yea so beautiful there o.o

Hackuna MyTatas: i liked your jab at whostheboss :)

korgpa4x korg: I had an iphone 6 clone and it was the worst thing ever. on system setting it showed 16gb but it had 150mb lol. couldnt install anything on it. Camera was from 1995. Quality the worst ever. opened it and I stepped back 20 years in time. Worst phone I have ever seen so far. Maybe this iphone 7 clone its a better build.

TechMagnet: yea they fake alot of stuff on cheap clones. I guess you got a 50$ clone… usually they also come with 1/2GB ram and a quadcore.

Stephen: People who buy these phones, are the same people who buy fake Rolex watches, fake Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags/luggage, Burberry clothes, etc. Enough said.

lizzyyy: ok? is there a problem with that?

DZ Unbox: I know it that you are from Germany or Austria same hhha nice video :D

TechMagnet: awww thanks <3 thanks for watching !

Qwertzionist: Hättest du genau hingesehen hätte man öfter gesehen dass er das QWERTZ Layout nutzt.

Chris Qiao: REVIEW UMI Z!!!!

Zykerfox !: I'm impressed with front camera cuz I expected less

TechMagnet: where did you see less quality ? must be a 2003 smartphone :D

tonybabdos17: You should make a video with the higher end clones that cost about 200$ imo