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If something is success and “alternative” can come. It’s happened ever many occasions. As by Iphone, and also the HiPhone from China.

It isn’t surprising, that people talk with something from China, that is – a minimum of in looks – similar compared to genuine one. But let’s see in details.


This models not provided by Apple, rather this really is only copied. The outdoors is quite similar, however the details and also the quality isn’t the same. Obviously.

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Hiphone price trend

Hiphone cost trend

The cost of HiPhone 5 is all about $31 (200 yuan) on some China’s  webstores. This means that the HiPhone 5 cost is 3-4 occasions less, than the genuine device. You also cn buy this “Model” not just in Chine, however in the markets of Mexico.

The look is mixed between your original Apple IPhone4 and IPhone5. The Iphone4 is thicker than the HiPhone5. The load differs: the HiPhone5 is much more ligher than the genuine IPhone, but is logical: different technology, different materials, and lastly, different quality featuring.

The interior is extremely different: the OS is totally different from IPhone. The caliber of calling, the background music as well as the radio is extremely noisy, and occasional. The applications are slower, and also the reaction too. 

The Three,5″ capacitive multi touchscreen is sufficient. It’s Bluetooth, 16GB memory, Two Sim slots, Camera is 2 megapixels, FM Radio, videos in MP4 and 3GP format, over 4 hrs talk-time, 320 standby.


  • Quad Band GSM
  • Two Sim slots
  • Enables you to definitely focus on the photos
  • Camera is 2 megapixels.
  • Touchscreen, 3.5 ", 480 × 320 pixel resolution
  • Ringtones in MP3, MP4 and MIDI.
  • Radio.
  • Additionally, it allows viewing videos in MP4 and 3GP format
  • Storage Capacity 256 Mb
  • SMS and MMS
  • Alarm
  • 5 sets built
  • Autonomy over 4 hrs talk-time and as much as 320 standby
  • Its dimensions are 103 × 53 × 12 mm and weighs 110 grams
  • Hands free
  • Delivering Bulk SMS
  • Bluetooth
  • Online Books
  • Firewall
  • Calculator
  • Unit Ripper tools
  • Calendar
  • Quote Currency
  • World Clock

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