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Through our existing partnerships, Hi-Phone offer use of premium short code billing gateway in addition to direct operator billing abilities, which enables our partners to gain access to and release new monetisation models as they are.


The title states everything. A reliable and highly scalable service that may be launched instantly with a variety of partners to allow direct integration with r / c through some dedicated short codes.


Our status and experience has allowed us to keep strong connections to operators in additional than 20 countries, which helps us to provide instant connectivity between content providers and top-reputed mobile operators in no-time.


Launching a brand new services are the initial step, but efficient marketing is the reason why a big difference. At Hi-Phone, we review and beyond to make certain that our own/partners’ launched services are effective by utilizing bulk SMS, social networking, radio along with other way of innovative advertising approaches.


The greatest quality of entertaining, informative & helpful submissions are what we should try to provide, and that’s why we’re always striving to acquire copy-legal rights for premium, exclusive content in the most esteemed organizations all over the world.

Mobile Apps

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A completely dedicated group of highly capable professionals is dedicated to delivering an incredible mobile experience, by mixing the best balance of the wonderful UI and powerful technical functionalities.


The net is not the ecosystem that it was once, because it presently suits a multitude of mediums. By concentrating on HTML5 technologies, we continues to be shipping multimedia-centric websites, that compel a feeling of instant usability for that user. Together with fully customizable web apps, with seamless administrative functionalities.


Our frustration using what is presently available for sale, has driven us to produce the best possible platform solution that provides probably the most user-friendly interface, and operates at blazing-fast speeds. This technique is greatly scalable and customizable to make sure a reliable, efficient experience.

Resourse: http://hiphonegroup.com/
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iPhone 6 vs HiPhone (la versión pirata): GeekPolar


BlueKid: Se oyeron tan fanboys del iPhone que dan pena ajena ������


ell blue: SAUL REYNA hay ternura…. ese comentario esta más utilizado como tu hermana

Giamonioz: Estos idiotas creen que retina display es una "tecnologia alienigena unica"

Lord Hacker: +Giamonioz cierto jajajaja me cagué de risa en esa parte xD

Sebastian Alvarez Torres: Giamonioz dijieron retina estupida

Pato Xg: acaso insinúas que mi iPhone 6s es un hiphone???!!! ��

Hector Anzar: Pato Xg en que parte lo compraste traer logos?

Juli Aguilar: Pato Xg que fresona ahre

Lucas: la peor parte es que el hiphone abrió la play store, spotify, etc muchísimo más rápido que el iPhone xDDDD y sepan que android ya está en primer lugar porque samsung tiene el primer lugar en ventas mundiales y adivinen que, los samsung traen android ����

Lucia de la Fuente: Juan Ballario si ademas IOS es el sistema operativo solo para iphone, en cambio android es para Lg, Samsung, etc

SAUL REYNA: oooo entonces adivina que por qué hay tantas copias del iPhone es por qué tú ANDROY de mierda quiere ser como Apple peroPOR MAS qué intenta no puede ANDROY DA PENA AJENO Y AGUAL QUE TODOS LOS FANVOYS DE ANDROY PD: ARENA VEN A MI

Edward S Ortiz: "Mucha gente arenosa diciendo que son lo mismo & apoyando pirateria". La calidad cuesta… Se ve que no pagan por calidad.

Edward S Ortiz: Que? con tu comentario? Girele a la chingada. Pobre jaja poreso te duele lo que digo >:v

Dali Matias: XDDD

Priscila Luna: a quien le importa esas pequeñas diferencias lo q daria. x ese cel

Maia Priego Berthely: Brandon Gutiérrez presumido

Keko Ferro: Priscila Luna Sabes que eso se puede romper o explotar y entonces tiraste a la basura tus pocos pesos?

Troy: No todos tenemos el suficiente dinero para comprar cosas de marca y nos conformamos con algo bonito

Troy: :'v