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The Way2Call Hi-Phone system is the suggested device for Voice Notification (alarm callout) functions in TopView.

Please adopt these measures and tips when installing the unit to be used with TopView

  • Don’t install the modem through Remote Desktop. User have reported problems when installing TAPI voice modems through Remote Desktop. The symptom is the fact that voice motorists aren’t installed. Should you must install through Remote Desktop, you need to connect with the console from the host computer and switch from the routing of seem towards the Remote Desktop session.

    Should you must install and test through Remote Desktop, please follow these steps to disable Remote Desktop audio redirection on both client and server. Contact Exele support for help or you have questions.

  • Do not plug the USB Hi-Phone device in to the TopView computer yet

  • Install the most recent motorists from Way2Call

  • You can download the most recent motorists here

    The motorists take presctiption the Download page under Multiple Devices Integration Platform (MDD)

  • Make certain to properly choose 32 or 64 bit according to your Home windows Operating-system

  • Install the Way2Call motorists

    Various vendor tools are set up at Start…Programs…Way2Call

    To determine what motorists and firmware have been in use, run the Way2Call Motorists Information oral appliance compare the form of motorists and firmware to individuals on the Way2Call site.

  • Make certain the Home windows Audio Services are running

  • Control Panel…Administrative Tools

  • Services

  • Find “Windows Audio” and make certain that it’s running which the Startup Type is placed to Automatic


  • Plug the Way2Call device in to the computer
  • Connect the telephone line towards the correct port around the rear from the Way2Call device.

    There’s two phone ports around the device, one for that line and something for any phone.

    When searching powering the Hi-Phone Lite device, the telephone lines are the left from the 2 ports.

  • For those who have an analog phone, hook it up towards the phone port around the rear from the device. Lift the receiver and verify that you’ve a live line.
  • Verify that you simply begin to see the Hi-Phone device listed like a Seem Playback and Recorder

    Control Panel…Sound, Playback tab and Recording tab

    If you don’t begin to see the Hi-Phone device listed, it might be disabled. Right-click on the white-colored space underneath the listed devices and make certain that “Show disabled devices” is checked. Once it’s checked, if you notice the Hi-Phone device listed, right-click on the Hi-Phone tool and choose Enable.

  • The Hi-Phone is really a seem device, after installation it might be set towards the default seem device for that computer. You might want to alter the default device to your computer’s seem card (e.g. speaker out port on rear laptop or computer)

    Run Control Panel…Sound

    For those who have a seem card within the computer, make certain the Hi-Phone device is not set because the default seem device (the default device have a check mark).  Right-click your seem card and select “Set as default device”.

  • REBOOT the TopView Computer
  • Test Voice Notification callout in TopView
  • Run the TopView Configurator
  • Select Voice Notification in the left menu
  • Around the right, select “Yes” to allow Voice Notification and click on [Configure]
  • Choose the Hi-Phone device in the dropdown
  • For those who have a seem card and loudspeakers on the pc, click [Listen now] to ensure that you could hear the written text-to-speech converted message
  • Click [Create a test call] and enter a telephone number to
  • When the known as phone rings, answer the telephone and listen for that spoken message. Should you hear the content, you’ve verified callout.
  • When the phone rings but no message is heard whenever you answer
  • If “waiting for connected state” is displayed within the call log, you may want to speak in to the phone after answering. You are able to define what “connected” is applying the Way2Call TAPI Setup program…Advanced button… “Call clarified (connected) when…”

    There’s additionally a TopView choice to skip awaiting the connected condition: uncheck “Verify line connected state” beneath the TAPI device dropdown.

  • If “no dial tone detected” is displayed within the callout log, run Way2Call TAPI setup and uncheck “wait for dialtone”. With respect to the quality of the line signals, the unit might be not able to acknowledge a dial tone at risk.
  • Resourse: http://exele.com/software-products/topview/overview/topview-and-way2call-hi-phone-tapi-device/

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