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Would you want to own an Iphone but wouldn’t actually want to spend a lot cash on investing in a branded product? Well, there’s an excellent choice for individuals individuals who’re searching for any cell phone that doesn’t burn an opening in your wallet, that also provides you with style and simplicity of use. Go into the Hiphone, a mobile phone brand from China, which manufactures iPhone lookalikes, at a small fraction of the price of the smartphone.

Coming in an array of costs featuring, the Hiphone has become hot property one of the generation of individuals trying to buy a fast and efficient mobile phone, that also looks good and suits a significantly lower budget.

Why may be the Hiphone so hot?

Obviously, the Hiphone is really a mere knock-from the original iPhone, so it needs to be understood the latter will don’t have the actual feel from the smartphone. But thinking about this time, the Hiphone is really decent when it comes to looks and functionality.

Many types of the Hiphone offer quad-band, dual-SIM and fast 3G features too. Actually, the Hiphone 3GS is extremely impressive with speed, therefore the user will get an excellent phone at much lesser the price of the initial.

Another essential point here’s that new technology keeps going obsolete every couple of days or several weeks. Within this scenario, it will get very costly to help keep updating/upgrading your handheld. The Hiphone is definitely affordable and includes a lot of the most recent technology. There’s the Hiphone TV Phone and also the Small Hiphone 3GS, which work superbly. Thinking about the reduced cost, customers wouldn’t mind even altering their phone every couple of several weeks, to incorporate new.

We currently provide you with a few of the top types of the Hiphone.


Supporting 2G and 3G systems, the Sciphone G15 will help you connect to the web to see the Web, send emails and IMs. This product is operated by a 208MHz processor and offers features for example dual-SIM, WAP 2., Wi-Fi, Java 2., 2MP camera, Analog TV, Orientation Sensor, 3.2” capacitive touchscreen technology and brilliant video and audio playback.

The Sciphone 168 4G phone also furthermore supports Bluetooth while offering quad-band and dual-SIM features too.

hiphone 3G


The road of touchscreen Ephones will also be extremely popular models one of the Hiphone devices. The Touch E9000 is particularly searched for after, because it provides a Dual SIM slot, Wi-Fi, Cell Phone TV and Radio too.

This stylish model also features quad-band GSM systems and multi-language support. The twin hi-def camera captures obvious video and audio and also the 3.5” touchscreen technology enables users to savor viewing pictures and video onto it.

X66 Touch cell phone

The newest within the Hiphone type of cell phones may be the X66, which packs a touchscreen technology, Wi-Fi, TV, Java, quad-band support and Radio. Furthermore, it provides a dual-SIM slot, GPRS/WAP connectivity, Bluetooth, Games and much more.

The very best factor relating to this model would be that the Wi-Fi support provides you with fast hi-speed wi-fi access when needed. Because of so many facilities, this really is certainly worth not only a glance.


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