Top Ten best iphone 6 screen protectors

Top Ten best iphone 6 screen protectors some smudges with time

Moshi constitutes a screen protector known as the iVisor Glass. It’s 40 % thinner than other glass screen protectors, and it has a coating to lessen the visibility of fingerprints. They at Moshi was nice enough to transmit us an example of iVisor Glass therefore we may go hands-up with this “atomically-strengthened glass” protector.

“Atomically-strengthened” glass is more powerful than tempered glass, that is strengthened with a heating process. iVisor Glass is strengthened chemically. iVisor Glass is marketed because the only edge-to-edge glass screen protection solution available on the market for iPhone 6/6 Plus.

The very best factor relating to this screen protector is when rapidly and cleanly it installs. To set up iVisor Glass, you simply wipe the screen using the incorporated microfiber “dot,” and squeeze screen protector while using incorporated suction cup.

The only real downside here’s that some older versions of iVisor Glass have sensitivity issues. I really attempted among the old versions of the product, also it certainly had some issues. Cellular phone process was still being fast and clean, however the whole upper left corner of my screen was dead. After I had a substitute in the new stock, I had been much more happy. Regrettably, there isn’t a method to tell if the iVisor Glass you’ve bought comes from that old stock or even the new stock. However, iVisor Glass has a one-time, free, no questions requested substitute plan. If you see sensitivity difficulties with your iVisor Glass, email and they’ll give back a substitute. Despite the fact that that could be a hassle, it’s perhaps worthwhile to obtain a shock-proof, scratch-proof screen protector for the device.

Cost: $39.95

Purchase a Moshi iVisor Glass iPhone 6 Screen Protector here.


Top Ten best iphone 6 screen protectors of the

  • Great customer support
  • Full screen coverage
  • Simple to install, comes with a lot of useful extras


  • Somewhat costly
  • Difficult to know if you’re getting new or old stock
  • Still accumulates some smudges with time

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Top Ten best iphone 6 screen protectors simply wipe

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