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*Device, network & coverage impact experience and speeds, which vary. Capable device needed for 4G LTE. A very special deal susceptible to change. Taxes and charges additional. Not every features on all devices. Limitless talk and text features for direct communications between 2 people others (e.g. conference & chat lines, etc.) could cost extra. Simple Choice The United States General Terms: Credit approval, deposit and $20 SIM starter package might be needed. Should you switch plans you might be bound by existing term (including early termination provisions) and/or billed an as much as $200 fee. Monthly Regulatory Programs (RPF) & Telco Recovery Fee (TRF) totaling $3.18 per voice line ($.60 for RPF & $2.58 for TRF) and $1.16 per data only line ($.15 for RPF & $1.01 for TRF) applies. Taxes approximately. 6-28% of bill add’l usage taxed in certain countries. Charges make an application for calls abroad. Call forwarding simply to U.S. figures. Partial minutes/megabytes put together. Full speeds available as much as monthly allotment, including tethering (Limitless on-smartphone 4G LTE data option includes 14 GB of tethering) then, slowed to as much as 2G speeds through bill cycle. Certain uses, e.g., some speed test apps, might not count against high-speed data allotment and have speeds reduced after allotment arrived at. U.S. roaming as well as on-network data allotments differ visit your selected service for details. Not for longer worldwide use you have to live in the U.S. and first usage must occur on the U.S. network. Service might be ended or restricted for excessive roaming.Iphone deals in certain Communications with premium-rate figures not incorporated. Data Stash: As much as 20 GB of on-network data from past 12 several weeks carries to next billing cycle as lengthy while you maintain qualifying service. BingeOn™ Video Streaming: Short time offers on qualifying plans. Video streaming from incorporated services doesn’t count toward full-speed data allotment on the network. 3rd party content and subscription charges may apply. Once high-speed data allotment is arrived at, all usage slowed to as much as 2G speeds until finish of bill cycle. As much as 30% off selected subscription may seem as bill credit or third party discount. Free movie: one SD rental/mo. on selected service via 30-day coupon code should be up to date on qualifying Limitless LTE plan. Streaming services’ conditions and terms apply. See T-Mobile.com for details. JUMP! When Needed: Qualifying credit and repair needed. You have to trade-in qualified device in good shape at participating T-Mobile store and upgrade to qualified device on lease as much as 3 occasions per 12 mos. Participating stores & select devices. Coverage: Coverage unavailable in certain areas. Network Management: Service might be slowed, suspended, ended, or restricted for misuse, abnormal use, interference with this network or capability to provide quality plan to other users, or significant roaming. Customers using 23 GB of information inside a bill cycle may have their data usage de-prioritized when compared with some other clients for your bill cycle at locations and occasions when competing network demands occur, leading to relatively slower speeds. See T-Mobile.com/OpenInternet for details.

Resourse: https://t-mobile.com/offer/

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Best Cell Phone Plans for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus!


Jaythekiirby: Do a review of total wireless!

kyle: +Stetson Doggett is anyone eligible for the at&t one? Even if you have bad credit?

Amani Graham: Stetson Doggett I have a question I got the iPhone 7 at AT&T but I was wondering how much would it be too upgraded to a iPhone 7 plus

ianpobanz12: please review \ntotal wireless!!!!!! new type of Verizon prepaid!!!!

Francisco Rivero-Reyes: ianpobanz12 newly released Verizon prepaid plans released today only available at Walmart. $50/month for 5gb of lte data or $70/month for 10gb of 4g lte data and 2g data for the remainder of the month for both plans! But REMINDER!!! Only available at Walmart. Just like T-Mobile's $30/month plan. 100 mins of talk, Unlimited text & 5 gb of lte data then 2g data. But also only available at Walmart or devices activated on the T-Mobile website.

Jess Barnett: Francisco Rivero-Reyes if you only have the 5gb plan, chat with them on the customer service messaging on the MyVerizon website and they'll offer you 2gbs more for the 50.00 plan! They did that for me! Very happy! 7gbs for 50!

Ashar Ahmed: The iPhone Upgrade Program gives unlocked devices, they only ask for your carrier info when you go there to ensure you get the right model and such, and you are free to switch carriers as your phone agreement is with Apple not with the carriers.

Ashar Ahmed: +Stetson Doggett Buying yes, you must purchase it with a carrier but nothing is stopping you from leaving and going to a smaller prepaid carrier. Just keep paying Apple 

Stetson Doggett: +Ashar Ahmed I guess this works, although I'm uncertain about the terms and conditions.

Victor Fontaine: amazing video!!!! but one thing i would like to know is how the heck u get an iphone 7 plus with a carreer contract without waiting 3 months????????

Stetson Doggett: +Victor Fontaine Preordering is usually the best way to get your hands on the new iPhones as soon as possible.

Victor Fontaine: Well its a bit late now but thnx

Taylor Lance: lately I've only been buying unlocked devices for full price. it's worth it since I actually own my phone no matter what.

Handsomedevil12345: For IPhone Upgrade program, Am i paying extra money to the carrier for my line. It said $60 month for voice plan

Mike Lopez: I get unlimited text and unlimited data and calls for $55 with auto pay for $50

Dondon Trill: so say I buy the factory unlocked and the Applecare+ from Apple can I go to any carrier and buy they insurance too cover the lost and thief 

Stetson Doggett: +Dondon Trill I'm not sure. Carriers may only offer their insurance plans to phones purchased from them. However it's possibly to buy an iPhone from a carrier and then buy Apple Care+ for it. I suggest you call the carrier you are thinking about signing up for and asking them.

Gameplay Planet: Dude Verizon comes unlocked

Zaddy Zoeyy: helped me alot

I-LEGEND: I pay $35/Month dollars for 256GB and no unlimited plan but i get unlimited text and calling for free soo