Best iphone 7 deals: how you can haggle for any cheaper contract

A % finance plan with Apple starts at 33.45 monthly having a £49 upfront payment. So you’re through an interest-free 20 month SIM free agreement for £718, including AppleCare+.

Then you definitely just add a SIM only agreement for far cheaper I recieve 4GB with limitless calls and texts just for £8.99 (see below for haggling on this…)

Total price = from £33.45 monthly, including the price of your brand-new iPhone 7 and AppleCare+ over 20 several weeks and also the option to obtain a new iPhone after 11 payments.

Book your phone here or generate a plan available

Sim free deals:

Obviously, upfront may be the least expensive method to buy an apple iphone, so if you possess the cash to splash, here’s where one can have it:

screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-18-58-15John Lewis’ handset features a 2 year guarantee

  • Amazon . com – from £599 here
  • John Lewis – from £599 with 2 year guarantee here
  • Giff Gaff – from £599 or £28.49 monthly here
  • Currys – from £599 here


Check you’re due upgrading. Otherwise, it’s worth requesting an earlier one or exactly what the cancellation fee is. Here’s in which a notebook and calculator is useful add everything up and exercise if cancelling or renewing your contract is much better value.

However if you simply are prepared, you should:

  1. Know what you would like – when it comes to data, minutes and texts
  2. Know what you could get elsewhere – and threaten to depart
  3. Know your value – if you were having a network for some time, they’ll do everything to help you stay

When you are haggling you should stress how happy you’re with the organization however that you’ve found a much better and cheaper deal. Be firm, not angry…


Say what that cost is simply too, sometimes accidentally omitting an upfront/additional cost around the alternative contract, and won’t budge until your overall network matches it. Failing that, try negotiating a totally free handset. Ideally, you need to stick with the company, as possible a faff altering your number, but don’t forget they would like you too – so haggle, haggle, haggle, but never be not reasonable.

The cheapest Christmas contracts:


  • iPhone 7 32GB: £150 (£140) upfront/£26.50 monthly
  • 3GB data
  • Limitless calls and texts
  • Use code: 10OFF to knock a tenner from the upfront cost
  • 2 year contract
  • Total = £776
  • Buy – here


  • iPhone 7 32GB: £100 (£75) upfront/£31 monthly
  • 5GB data
  • Limitless calls and texts
  • Use code: XMAS732 to obtain £25 from the upfront cost
  • 2 year contract
  • Total = £819
  • Buy – here


  • iPhone 7 32GB: £150 (£140) upfront/ £30.99 monthly
  • 1 GB data
  • Limitless calls and texts
  • Use code: 10OFF to knock a tenner from the upfront cost
  • 2 year contract
  • Total = £883.76
  • Buy – here


  • iPhone 7 32GB: £24 upfront/£39 monthly
  • £8GB data
  • Limitless calls and texts
  • 2 year contract
  • Total = £960
  • Buy – here


Top 20 Ways to Beat a Car Dealer | Auto Expert John Cadogan | Australia


Frank.: I would love to have this guy with me when i go buy a car.

J Butler: Liar. I heard that BS the last 2 times I went car buying, yet mysteriously ended up with -1200, and -1000 off the stated MSRP that some sales pricks wanted to die by. Second one was for a model year that was newly released to dealers or it would have been more. Funny enough, the dealers who moan about how sticker prices are competitive ALSO want to screw me on trade-in value, then bawl about their "$7 of holdback remaining" when I yank the trade off the table. But still sell me the car… /strange, huh?/

Neil Chantry: This is precisely why a lot of my friends & Rellies get me to buy cars, computers and even houses for them.\nI recommend a book "You can Negotiate anything" by Herb Cohen. This teaches a lot more strategies Sales people use to "Condition you"

Leigh Hincks: I was buying a new car in Sydney. The salesman for the "protection" bullshit came over to me and told me that I should get anti rust protection for it. So I said to them both that I was no longer interested in the vehicle because obviously, it was a rust bucket that needed extra shit put on it…… I can't describe here the reaction from them both. And, I ended up getting the car for a lot less than I was expecting.

Fitsum Ghide: Wall Street journal

Dallas Cheked: Leigh Hincks 1

Test Channel: 2850 Customer Likes\n88 Dealer Dislikes

Rytis Kurcinskas: tested VW CC here in ireland , 49750 euro. wanted the car so bad i said to the sales man ill buy it straight cash today ,,, how much will you lower the prices , 0 was the answer, and i tried so hard to bargain nothing ended up buyingthe car on secodn hand market and on perpuse went to the dealer ship to thank the sales man for letting me make up my mind , becasue vw cc is a great car but not at 50 k :)

Mr. J: Test Channel more dealerships are disliking this video. jajajaja We the people Love it. Thanks for the great tips

ClintfromNYtoVA: Let me go ask my manager…* heads to the bathroom to wank off.

College State Elementary Penitentiary: Let me tag along to eavesdrop on you asking your manager…*heads to neighboring shitstall to wank off side-by-side and just a slight bit louder (all in an attempt to show who's really in control of the deal).

angela agathangelou: i just want to say thank you for all your tips John. I bought my dream car today the mazda cx 5 and all your ideas helped the process :)

Shot: Lmao shitty car

Jeremy ford: Shot no its a good car mate!

Sara Guidry: I'm a salesperson and I love this advice, particularly the last portion where he specifically sells you all his services… This whole video is a pitch, and it's brilliant. golfclap Well played sir, well played.

Mechanical Master: Have you guys ever heard of Fleet sales? You can bypass the sales hype, get the bottom line with the right fleet sales person. It goes like this, they sell the car for in my case $300 (maybe $500, in some locals or a bit more, shop around for the lowest) over factory invoice. Factory Invoice, not MSRP. Then you get discounts applied (Buyer Loyalty, cash deal, or financing options, that can add up to maybe $2000 or more off that price). I chose to get my own financing because my CU was loaning money at 1.99%, lowest I found even against Ford Incentives. I bought a 2017 Ford Mustang GT Premium (401A) w/ Track Pack, Voice Nav, and a few other options for under MSRP after taxes and license total contract number, no other added expenses, did not go thru Finance or anybody else but my fleet sales guy. Wrote him a check for Half down, CU financed the other half, walked out with keys to a totally awesome machine.  I do not buy any Fluff and he knows it (warranty Add-ons in an original purchase deal, if I buy that, its later after the purchase) So basically price before T&L was about $40K. Look up and see what they say people are getting, this is definitely in the lowest 25% if not 10% (nationwide statistics). and I live in SoCal CA the (US) Mecca of performance autos. The rest of this "Negotiating crap" is totally worthless if you know a few facts, definitely don't need a list of 20 or whatever mind games to play with a regular car salesmen, its called using your head. Funny what a little bit of knowledge can do for you.This guy is selling a service pure and simple for what I did all by myself (I likely would have had to pay more for). He only likes Mazda, Hundya, Suburu and sells what ever little tin cans to people looking to save 50 cents on a can of soup (don't think this guy even knows what a muscle car is).   BTW I am sure that even in Australia the FORD dealers have fleet salesman (You see they don't have to feed their kids from the sale, they have plenty more deals coming in at those prices.) If you are trying to "negotiate" with a Regular line salesmen you have already missed the boat, he has to bring in at least $1500 over factory, if not full MSRP.

Susana Salazar: Thank you for insight on buying a car, I followed your tips and saved 6 grand off the selling price, I drove off in my new car happy… Thanks again

Lone Ranger: +Robert Polkamp no but new cars breakdown too… bought a brand new HSV Clubsport.. major breakdown after 2 months and 1500kms on it

Adam Griffin: Lone Ranger look into lemon laws, they are there to protect you the consumer.

Ryan Edwards: Got my 05 F-150 down to $6900 from $9900. Thanks for the tips John. These tips where really helpful on getting my new car