Iphone versus samsung universe: past the greatest smartphone competition

Iphone versus samsung universe: past the greatest smartphone competition Yet Apple is constantly on



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Clearly you’re showing everyone around you that technologies are not your forte. Especially since Samsung is the only person at this time that will supply Apple with Samsung’s AMOLED displays, until Apple could possibly get them produced by another OEM. Also Samsung is the only person right this is definitely making the brand new LPDDR4X ram. As well as Samsung can also be offering other components to Apple, however lets pretend that Samsung isn’t developing anything.

So far as battery size the S7 edge it’s 3600 mha; I did not realize that is recognized as a small battery nowadays. As well as the S7’s have 4 GB of ram. Like this is actually small. So far as storage is concered the S7’s have expanding storage. And So I reckon that is skimping on tiny problems. Please tell everybody here when the iPhones have expanding storage? Think before, all of us ready be aware of answer.

The S8 will have an advantage to edge display. So isn’t that innovation? Especially since they’ll be the very first on the market having a display like this.

Iphone versus samsung universe: past the greatest smartphone competition At this

Your types of iPhones being more adventuous than Samsung is really a complete joke. At this time LG supplies Apple using their IPS displays. Dual cameras lost on numerous Android smartphones before Apple opted for dual cameras. The SoC can be a funny area, especially since Apple people discuss how quickly their SoC’s are. Yet Apple is constantly on the put low resolution displays that just push singleOr4 from the pixels in comparision with other flagship devices in the same prices or lower. After I see Apple beginning to make use of exactly the same QHD or the new and rising QHD+ displays. Then return to me. For now Apple is the one which is way behind. How’s your iPhone 7 with VR. Oh, you heard right it sucks for VR; i guess that’s the reason Apple themselves haven’t pressed VR yet. Especially because they are pushing a couple of pixels compared to other flagship Android devices.

Clearly you live in an Apple bubble.

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Iphone versus samsung universe: past the greatest smartphone competition the new and

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pareekshith paruchuri: Samsung Galaxy s8 is best

Nicholas McLean: pareekshith paruchuri I

nateliontrueleo 404: Yaaaaay I got my Galaxy S8 Plus today

alec Lewis: nateliontrueleo 404 got my s8 yesterday

matas maleckas: S8 looks way better!

matas maleckas: WTF look at under whose comment you are commenting. My comment says "S8 looks way better!" , ''oh, and is way better…''. so how the F*uck can I be an iPhone lover????

Hamza Ben: s8

Awesome Gamer01/ history lover: Hamza Ben I have the S8+

Birk LS: s8

Adam Foster: s8. Its not even debatable

Adam Foster: Caique Costa An iPhone se. You can't actually be serious.

Tech guy: +Adam Foster I don't have a new iPhone. I have the iPhone SE and an HTC 10 and the only thing I prefer the HTC 10 for is watching videos. 

Dhananjay Bhoye: abviously S8

LatinAce103: C.T. Productions nobody carries a pocket speaker around. Speakers are good for when ur chilling with ur friends n wanna listen to music

ali humaya: S8 10 times better then iPhone 7. boring phone

RELkay: S8 looks so sick! I need it ������

Someoftube Hd: RELkay same

Sriman S: same to me

ZOMMBIE C: turn the S8 down to 720p with easy mode on to see what it's like to use a iPhone ��

OmgItsOsama ThEOlPenS: ZOMMBIE C ahahahahaha sooo true lmaooo