Iphone in 2017 could keep lightning port for charging: analyst


The particular change with regards to USB-C is going to be the new iPhones will support faster recharging by supporting a technology from the USB-C standard for power delivery, Kuo described.

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This means that if the iPhone user employed a cable which had a Lightning connector at one finish to get in the iPhone having a USB-C connector in the other finish to connect with an electrical adapter, the iPhone would charge more rapidly than when the connection is made towards the adapter using older USB 2 or USB 3 cables. Apple's iPad Pro having a 12.9-inch screen, with a Lightning connector, already supports this faster recharging feature of USB-C, for instance.

"We feel the 3 new iPhones launching in 2H17 will support fast charging through the adoption of Type-C Power Delivery technology (while still retaining the Lightning port)," Kuo authored inside a set of Thursday. "A vital technical challenge lies with making certain product safety and stable data transmission throughout a fast charge."

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Kuo includes a lengthy history of mostly accurate predictions. Because of partners with a of Apple's Asian suppliers, Kuo has properly predicted many iPhone developments, including the development of some-inch iPhone SE and adding a brand new shiny dark colored choice for last year's models. Still, Apple (aapl) might make design changes prior to the new iPhones are anticipated to hit the industry next fall.

The Journal's earlier iPhone report, that was broadly doubted, stated that Apple planned to "introduce other updates together with a USB-C port for that cord along with other add-ons, rather from the company’s original Lightning connector."

Apple may adopt another industry standard technology within the new devices associated with recharging, however. The organization recently became a member of the Wireless Power Consortium, a business standards-setting group behind the Qi wireless charging standard. Analysts required that like a good sign the new iPhones—unofficially dubbed the iPhone 8, 7S, or Anniversary edition by outsiders—are envisioned having wireless recharging that works with a large number of Qi chargers already deployed in airports, coffee houses, along with other locations.

Iphone in 2017 could keep lightning port for charging: analyst be the newResourse: http://fortune.com/2017/03/03/apple-iphone8-lightning-usbc-ming-chi-kuo/ Iphone in 2017 could keep lightning port for charging: analyst standard for power delivery, Kuo

iPhone 8 Fast Lightning Charging


John Nelson: this isn't innovation you apple idiots, my honor 8 has fast charging, and fast charging has been around since 2012

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Ilias: Why do you think the next iPhone will be the iPhone 8? The iPhone had, until now, always an S model after the new one. The only thing I can come up with it that Apples iPhone will become 10 years so they might skip the S model this year.

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