Best FPS Games: What is the greatest shooting game in 2021?

FPS games – or first-person shooters – have long been a gaming mainstay. With a pistol in hand, you’ll be able to fight against waves of blood-hungry opponents on your PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, older-generation consoles, or PC. Isn’t it nice to save the world with hot lead and gunpowder?

So fire up your favorite first-person shooter, load up another magazine of bullets, and prepare to be awed.

1. Tarkov Escape

Like misery? Do you like clashes that involve both brains and guns? Escape From Tarkov is where the FPS genre’s finer points meet. From 2017 to now, Battlestate Games has been constantly adding new features to the tough survival-shooter.

With the help of either a PMC or BEAR operator, players must explore several zones of Tarkov, a fictitious Russian territory, to fulfill tasks, rescue precious treasure, and extract. This means battling against other players and NPC factions, and losing all your gear if you die in the raid.

The attention to detail in every aspect of Escape from Tarkov earns it a spot on our list. In-depth weapon modification lets you alter every aspect of your rifle before bringing it into a raid, and the game’s ballistics system forces you to evaluate your loadout down to the individual bullet.

It’s a high learning curve, but it pays off in severe firefights that may cost you your life. Unlike many other games, Escape From Tarkov makes you feel alive while you strive to preserve it that way.


The former Call of Duty Mobile developers at Respawn Entertainment tried their hand at FPS gaming with Titanfall, a futuristic shooter in which players controlled highly acrobatic pilots and their titans, gigantic combat mechs capable of stomping said pilots underneath their humongous heels. Titanfall was well-received, but Titanfall 2 came out in 2016.

As a result, it is one of the greatest (and most underestimated) FPS games of the previous generation. Simply said, it improved on the original game’s multiplayer — frenetic parkour action on the ground (and walls) and cool-as-hell huge robots plummeting from orbit to smash each other up. It was hard to find FPS games that weren’t current military apologies like Call of Duty at the time, but Titanfall 2’s acrobatic sci-fi twist on the genre seemed like a breath of new air.

Its single-player adventure was also shockingly enjoyable and intelligent. It’s a basic story about a guy and his intelligent military robot. The plot beats may not be memorable, but the level design will. The late-game re-appearance of the Smart Pistol is also an amazing scene and well worth your attention.


Apex Legends was released in 2019 after a covert development process by Respawn Entertainment and EA. EA avoided publicizing the game to avoid offending Titanfall fans who were anticipating a third entry in the series, as well as players tired of free-to-play games featuring loot boxes.

Apex was a huge success, so they didn’t have to worry. Aside from the fast-paced, arcadey gunplay that made the Titanfall games so entertaining, the creators added several fascinating twists to the battle royale paradigm. The movement mechanism is intuitive, fast, and evocative of Apex’s forebears. If you want a more realistic battle royale experience but don’t want to play more Fortnite, Apex is a terrific choice.

4. Overwatch

Overwatch, the team-based hero shooter that “inspired” many clones, is the greatest of the lot. With a vast cast of fascinating characters and an intriguing mythology for those willing to explore, it is approachable while yet being surprisingly complicated.

Players compete in six-on-six bouts. The assaulting squad is usually charged with escorting an objective across a map or seizing objectives, all while gaining the upper hand.

In spite of its simplicity and limited game options, Overwatch is so rewarding to play — especially with a group of friends working together to win — that you could easily lose hundreds of hours to it.

5. Call of Duty: Mobile Warzone

A kind of successor to Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode, Warzone was Call of Duty’s second effort to outshine its battle royale counterparts. Warzone has 150 player lobbies, a larger and more intelligently created map, an ultra-streamlined inventory management system, and a completely revamped armor system.

Contracts — mini-challenges players may take on throughout games for money The inclusion of an economic system that might see you buying back in teammates who have perished, or calling in backup in the form of bespoke weapons, a UAV, or even airstrikes.

The Gulag is a jail where players are transported after being slain in Warzone. The victor of a 1v1 battle returns to Verdansk. Warzone is one of the most polished and fully-realized battle royale experiences available today, with Call of Duty-style gunplay and extensive weapon customization.

6. Battlefield 4

Despite not being the most current entry in the Battlefield series, many fans consider Battlefield 4 to be the greatest contemporary version. However, while Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 1, and Battlefield V all introduced new and interesting ideas to the series (cops and robbers, a rare and surprising take on WW1 and a controversial return to WWII), they lacked that special blend of spectacular destruction, tight gunplay, extensive weapon customization, and a wide range of land, air, and sea vehicles that makes the series famous.

Battlefield 4 is the greatest large-scale, team-based FPS game on the market featuring remote-controlled blowtorch robots you can employ to destroy your adversaries.

 7. DOOM Eternal

Instead of feeling like an unstoppable force ripping and tearing through swarms of demonic hellspawn, DOOM Eternal is a laser-focused flow chart of precise death-dealing.

So, instead of just killing demons, each weapon in DOOM Eternal is meant to be excellent at one or two things. So the heavy cannon may be utilized to take out distant foes or weak places on larger villains, while the super shotgun can be improved with a grappling hook attachment. This “tool for every job” concept, along with the harsh glory kill melee system and chainsaw attacks, forces players to make split-second choices about how to approach each situation. You won’t be able to use your favorite weapon for long, but that’s part of the charm.

The disgustingly hard, djent, industrial, and thrash-inspired soundtracks prevalent in both recent DOOM games would be a grave omission. Even the most docile gamers will struggle to prevent their heads from pounding throughout the game’s combat-heavy arena courses.

DOOM Eternal is a sinfully fun game with exaggerated violence and a nasty soundtrack.